Southern Caribbean San Juan departure port


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A question please.

We are thinking about the Southern Caribbean cruise departing from San Juan. The ship departs at 8:30pm and returns at 6:00am.

Will we have time to land in San Juan at 3:30 pm and get to the shp on time ?

Will we have time to catch a 4:30 pm flight out with the ship docking at 6 am ? The flight out seems quite do-able.

We are concerned with the fight in and transport to the cruise ship.

Past experiences ?
You should have no problems getting to the ship. You are not that far from the airport - maybe 20 minute cab ride or if you take the transportation offered by the cruise line (you pay for it). It will also depend on where you are flying out of and when. I get a little nervous at Xmas time since snow can hinder times.

As for leaving at 4:30 you have no problem. They usually dock at 6 am or before but there is luggage that has to be emptied so usually the first passengers start getting off at 8 unless you have a very very early flight.

The only issue will be what to do = get a day rate at a hotel in San Juan and sit by the pool and enjoy.

Hope this helps!