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speciality restaurants - worth it ?????

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by griffinclan, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. griffinclan

    griffinclan Guest

    Next month will be our first cruise with RCI. We didn't realize that we had to 'book' & pay an addt. fee for eating in these restaurants. I'm really disappointed. We're paying enough for the cruise. Other cruises we've done didn't require addt. fees for eating. And furthermore we don't even know what restaurants are offered since we can't book until two weeks before the cruise.

    I'm wondering if its really worth it. We're not interested in the formal attire (do enough at home). And we will have teenagers, 16, 17 & 18 yrs.

    Any comments.
    p.s. will be on Mariner for eastern caribbean.
  2. boba

    boba Guest

    =twocents The specialty restaraunts are usually Italian or a steakhouse theme. i wouldn't worry about booking them as you'll have plenty of dining options to chose from. You have the main dining rooms and most of the buffets and other options for no extra charge. I've been on 4 cruises and have not gone to a pay restaraunt yet. I don't think I'm missing anything.=huh
  3. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    We enjoy going to them,but the food in the dining room is really good...........it is not true you have to wait 2 weeks out to book.I am already booked for my Dec Mariner cruise.............

    But like the other poster said,you have lots of other options...........you dont have to pay extra to eat!
  4. tmoore4075

    tmoore4075 Guest

    Yeah you don't have to pay for most of the dining on the ship. Looks like on Mariner you only have Portofino, the Italian restaurant. My wife and I did the Chops Grille on Radiance for V-Day and it was worth the money for something different. And on most nights you don't have to do the formal attire just not jeans and a tshirt if you did Portofino. But like the other have said the food in the main dining room as well as the buffet and others is excellent. And if you decide to do it you can reserve it once on board you don't have to do it right now. Enjoy the cruise.
  5. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    We have done both Chops and Portifino as well as the specialty restaurants on Carnival and Princess. It is a nice option to have and worth it to us.
  6. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    [quote tmoore4075]Yeah you don't have to pay for most of the dining on the ship. Looks like on Mariner you only have Portofino, the Italian restaurant. .[/quote]Mariner has both Portofino and Chops..
  7. Libby

    Libby Guest

    We've gone to both Portofinos and Chops, and I believe they're well worth it --- especially if you're celebrating a special occasion or are traveling with others, you can enjoy a delightful, long evening of dining. However - I do agree with those who have said that with so many other eating options, you never have to pay extra unless you wish.
  8. griffinclan

    griffinclan Guest

    Thanks to everyone's comments. I feel better. Guess I'm looking in the wrong place on RCI site. The specialility rest. link does have anything pop up. But since we're going to wait until we get there its no big deal. Again, thanks y'all .:thumb
  9. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    Since the menus and food have gone way down in my opinion for our last two cruises, [Seranade of the Seas october 2007 and Voyager January 2008] I have made reservations for both Chops and Portofino on Mariner September 2008. On our two previous cruises, we ate multiple times in Specialties as we hated the food in both the dining rooms and especially Windjammer. It's too bad as we are Diamond and after our September cruise, we won't be sailing RCCL again. I never thought I would ever be saying that.
  10. PH8

    PH8 Guest

    Food is a very subjective opinion..
  11. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    Yes, I couldn't agree more about being subjective. This is my husband's and my opinion, although on the 15 night Hawaii cruise in October 2007 our 2 tables of 8 was ordering the alternatives just about every night, except for the nights we ate in the Specialties. Many nights none of us showed up at dinner at either of our tables. I think that says something. I cannot rate Chops and Portofinos high enough, they were both excellant everytime we've eaten there, no matter what ship..
  12. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    We've done Chops 3 times, The food is great and the atmosphere is wonderful. You don't have to dine in the specialty places as you have other non paying options for dinner.
  13. mailew

    mailew Guest

    I guess my better half and I spend a normal amount of money on extras on our cruises. We are RCL diamond and have enjoyed Portafino's a few times. At $20 per it's just about the most affordable price for a very special treat. The food is fantastic.The service impeccable,and the ambiance great. Cruising is all about memories and this dining experience is one of them.
  14. lizzitish

    lizzitish Guest

    We ate at Chops on the Jewel for our November 2007cruise, -it was our anniversary nt and decided to go it alone and let the kids eat by themselves. It was well worth the $20 each...such a nice relaxing nt, with a nice bottle of wine. The food was delicious, the staff was wonderful.....would do it again in a heartbeat.
  15. Missmadge

    Missmadge Guest

    Have eaten at Chops several times, but as guests, so we did not have to pay. I was not impressed, but my husband was. That said, he has never suggested we book.

  16. I am glad someone brought this up. I have been wanting to eat at Chops on our cruise in october on the Enchantment for a special something, ya know?
    But my mother in law keeps saying that because the dining room does such a good job, we don't need to eat at the specialty. She is quite a thrifty person and I know she is just trying to save us the $25 per person it would cost.
    But a nice steak house may be nice ya know? It's my husband and me's when we are back home.
    I told my husband I would look into it he says he doesn't care either way....as this is our first cruise and we dont want to miss out on anything interesting and new in the dining room we may never have experienced before.
    As it gets closer I may just follow my impulse and do it. I just dont want to book it on my formal night with out knowing because I think I would be heartbroken to miss that...especially on my first cruise.

    let me know what you guys think?
  17. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Best meal I ever had on a ship was at Chops Grill on Navigator of the Seas. The steak was awesome and the service was spectacular. It was like eating at Ruth's Chris or any other fancy steak house and it is hard to get out of one of those places for less than $200 so the $25 per person was money well spent.

    A funny story about that particular evening and how hard they try to please you. Susan's family is of German ancestory. One German tradition is eating apple pie with cheddar cheese on the side. Susan ordered apple pie for dessert that night with Some cheddar cheese. The poor Phillipino wait staff just wasn't grasping what Susan was asking for, They pondered it amongst themselves and asked the head waiter. When they brought our dessert it came accompanied with a HUGE platter of cheese! We had enough cheese for nibbling in our cabin for the next two days :lol

    Don't miss Chops. It is well worth it :chef
  18. JoseMari08

    JoseMari08 Guest

    I have to say I havent done Chops but I have only been on the Soveirgn on the Seas and we did the Main Seating Dinner. That main dinner was incredible it was 4 courses of your choice. Heck even if you wanted two diffrent appetizers they allowed it too. The food was phenominal, I have no complaints and our waiter was the best, service was incredible.
    One of my girl's getting the "Royal Treatment"

    He even cut up our steak!! :thumb

    However, this will be my first time cruising on the Monarch of the Seas, has anyone ever done the Jade Restaurant there?
  19. Karin

    Karin Guest

    Why pay for a meal that you've already paid for as part of your cruise.
  20. Christoffer

    Christoffer Guest

    Have not been to Chops but many times to Portofinos.
    Portofinos well worth the extra, hey 20 USD, that's nothing!
    Can't wait for my next cruise and next visit to Portofinos, I'm also going to try the Chop's for the first time.

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