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Specialty Dinning Question

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by seagarsmoker, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    Can some one help me with a specialty dinner question?

    Who do we contact to make reservations for the steakhouse?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    All you will have to do is pick up the phone in your cabin, dial DINE and ask for reservations in the Steakhouse.
  3. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    How much notice for specialty restaurants Beryl....same afternoon or days in advance? 10 more days till you get "LIVE FROM RUBY REPORTS"....::eek: I just hope there are no monkeys in the lounge area.
  4. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

    I made reservations for Sabatini's the same day on the Ruby a few short weeks ago.
  5. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Connie...have you been visiting the HAL board??? :grin

    As to reservations for the Specialty restaurants...I've not had a problem getting same day reservations...but we don't use the specialty dining option very often and usually it would just be 2 or 4 of us...larger group and reservations might be more difficult to come by. I have heard (have never done it myself) that the Crown Grill is excellent....on recent sailings I have not been all that impressed with Sabatini's...but that might just be me and my expectations...or it could even have been my mood. Now, The Chef's Table, in my opinion, was worth every single penny....it is a one of a kind ship experience....and you get champagne and caviar :)!
  6. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Yeah, I'm a cruise "whore"...
    But I've sailed all the lines, except NCL....so I try to help wherever. Isn't the Chef's Table something outrageous like $125? I don't like caviar. It's too overwhelming for me at this moment Beryl, as you know. Just trying to keep my head above water, so to speak. So I can't deal with making plans..I'll try to hit as much on board as possible to pass along and you got Jody and his wife on the sailing too (Seagar), so you'll get two full reports - between us all - you should have an honest review. I'm really sorry they took those posts down, I was laughing until I cried, and I REALLY needed that yesterday Beryl...thx again.
  7. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    Thanks all for the help.
    Think we will try Sabitini's on Tuesday night when we are on the Ruby in a couple of weeks.
  8. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    I'm not a big steak person (maybe a few times a year a nice prime rib), but adore Italian. So I'm with you guys. If I try any of them, it will be Sabatini's. Hard to believe in 11 days, I'll be on the open sea.....sigh....

    When it comes right down to it, isn't that why we all cruise anyway? I've lived on the ocean for 20 years now, both in FL and NJ...can't imagine not being able to walk the beach every day. But being ON the sea is always better.
  9. Whimsy

    Whimsy Guest

    The Patters will tell you when they will start taking reservations. We went to Sabatini's and made our reservations. We were able to pick out a table by the window when we made our reservation so we could watch the sunset. It was very nice.
  10. Beryl What is the Chefs table ? Has anyone done the balcony dinner for two ?:girly
  11. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    This will help you Shannon. The first link is a very extensive review of the Emerald Princess (sister to the Ruby). In it you will find a link that will take you to a very good description of the Chef's Table. The second link is a youtube video of the reviewer's experience at the Chef's Table! Happy reading!

    I have not re-read all this but just so you know there is a $75.00 per person charge for the Chef's Table and space is exceedingly limited (usually it is offered only once or twice per sailing with a maximum of about a dozen folks per sitting). If you are interested you should call D I N E as soon as you board to make reservations or visit the Maitre d' to sign up. You will likely be told there is a waiting list....tell them to put your name on the list!!


  12. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Wow, I can't believe someone filmed their entire dinner. But what's great about that, is I feel I've already had the "experience" and am no longer curious. The food did look very nice. Thx for the video link Beryl....one more thing I can check off. With 3000+ passengers, and only 25 or so available, I don't want to waste time. Only 7 days you know! Eh??? (do I get extra points for speaking Canadian?) :clown

    BTW, where's the other Princess been hiding? Hellooooooo
  13. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    The other Princess is cruising on the Sapphire Princess this week! I can hardly wait til she gets home to hear all about it since I'm booked for the Sapphire in May.
  14. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Aha!! Wondered where she went. Good for her.

    Well, you and Shannon should get your fuel supplement refunded. According to policy, I missed it by one day for a few cents over $70 a barrel. But Shannon, you will definitely receive an onboard credit for the supplement ($68 US I believe) - and hopefully the price will remain well below that for your May sailing Beryl. The credit should be reflected on your invoice prior to sailing.

    Sorry, guess this has absolutely nothing to do with specialty dining...:chef
  15. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Shannon, we do the balcony dinner for two on every Princess cruise we do, BUT it doesn't cost us anything. There is a small drawback but we figure it is worth $150, the drawback is that you have to serve yourself. On the day we want the balcony dinner, we request a dinner menu from the cabin steward, make your choices and then around 5 or so depending on when you want to eat, you call room service and place your order, (we learned, don't order ice cream for dessert) around the selected time they will deliver dinner, the drawback is that they deliver the entire dinner at once, so it is up to you to serve each course to yourselves, but for $150 I don't have a problem with that.
  16. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    Just an update to my question and answers regarding specialty dining on the Ruby.

    Dialing 'Dine' on the Ruby does not work. Matter of fact the number goes to an electrical engineer.

    Dialing 'Dinner Reservations' that is on the phone does not work when you board the ship. However they do take reservations starting at 1:00pm. Had no problems with 6:00 reservations at Sabatini's for a table for two by the window. Not sure why I went to so much trouble as we were the only non-staff people in the room until 7:00pm. The number was up to 12 when we left at 8:30.
  17. juggles

    juggles Guest

    Has Conniemc returned from her cruise?
  18. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Actually Conniemc was sitting on the other side of Sabatini's with Jodi and wife came in....didn't want to interrupt them. My phone only worked on speaker phone...no dial tone. As Jody stated, no need for reservations, empty. And they don't take reservations for one anyway - in any venue. Must be two or more, or so they told me when I "yelled" through the speaker phone. Funny, I actually NEEDED the electrical engineer, damn!! I had little or no air conditioning...but he never showed up all week.

    Since I spent most of the week in my cabin, no review from me other than to advise the aft Riviera deck does indeed have a nice private pool for early morning swims (thanks for that Jody) - but offers nothing else but a view of people beneath you as the decks are tiered out.

    And I can offer one funny story - the gaggle of middle aged drunks (not all of them were bad, just some) woke up late from their inside cabin the day we sailed right past Princess Cays due to weather and were asking the bartender where the gangway was....the bartender deadpanned in his English accent...."do you SEE any land about?" Are we not moving?"
  19. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    You should have said something when you saw us. Dinner was so slow and since Princess put us at a table for 4 (instead of a table of 8 or more that we always request) and we ate by ourselves all week and would have loved some one else to talk to.
  20. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    I had already started my "Sabatini Experience" when you guys were seated around the corner from me. I was on the window too, but down further around the wall. I wouldn't have been very good company Jodi. I was invited to dinner several times, but took a pass. Just wasn't up for animated conversation, like I usually am. Really just wanted to sleep and eat. Some fun, huh? Anyway, the only thing I can say was better than The Olive Garden was the creme brulee. Wasn't impressed with the main dining room cuisine either. My favorite, oddly enough, was all the various buffets with so many choices. I thought they offered the best quality. The ship looked very pretty all decked out for Xmas. Hope you guys had a great time.

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