Splendor or Glory

Hi guys

On december i am planing to take my first Carnival Cruise. I loved the belice and cozumel stops.

Well after i check i find i can take 2 ships on that date and with the same trip. Carnival Glory or Splendor, so what should i take.

I am traveling just with my wife, she is 28 and i am 30



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I've been on both. The Splendor is a newer ship and is slightly larger than the Glory. Also, the Splendor is the only ship of its class in the Carnival fleet (the Glory is a Conquest class ship and there are five Conquest class ships in the Carnival fleet).

If you have kids, the Splendor is a better choice, as it has a small water park.


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i have been on the glory in 2010,.... at the time of my cruise it was showing signs of wear. it was ready for a refurb then and i am not certain if the ship has been done since then or not...