!st B2B, loads of questions



Hi all, it has been a long time but like the proverbial bad penny, I keep turning up!!

We have a Back to Back booked for the end of December on the Navigator, can anyone tell me:

Do we have to get off in Miami the day of the turnaround or can we stay on the ship!

If we do have to get off will we have to get off really early?

Do we pay gratuities at the end of each week or at the end of our two week cruise?

hope someone can help with these questions and I am sure I will have lots more before December 29th



I can answer one of your questions. Since the crew rotates, you should pay the tips at the end of each week because you may not have the same service staff the second week.


Yes, pay the tips at the end of each week.
You don't have to get off the ship, but you might want to do something In Miami.
You can sleep in if you want.


Hi Catherine! I don't know the answer but just wanted to say hi and how have you been? :wave


As others said tips should be paid after each cruise because you may have different crew taking care of you each week.

As far as getting off the ship it is really up to the customs people in port that day. You should be notified a day or so in advance by the cruise line on what they want you to do. Even if you do not get off the ship they will probably give you a different sign and sail card for the second week and may want you to at least run it through the security computer at the entrance of the ship.

The best thing about a back to back is watching everyone packing and getting ready to leave at the end of the first cruise and all you have to do is kick back and relax LOL.

Don B

So what's the advantage of a B2B, as opposed to doing two seperate cruises? Is there a big discount?
I see the Navigator does a different itenerary on B2B weeks, so that answers part of my question - you are going to new places on the second week. Please enlighten me on why you choose to book this way?


Why do a b2b?: A 7 night cruise is just too short!
I did the b2 with Navigator in 2004, on a b2b cruise you actually have time to relax for real.

I can't remember that there is a discount when you do a b2b cruise, you just pay for two cruises.

I like the b2b also because you see the eastern and western caribbean on the same vacation.

I'm now booked on the Liberty of the Seas b2b in December 2007, can't wait.

Catherine: When I did the b2b on Navigator we got a letter to our cabin on the last night with information what to do next morning.
We met the RCI representative in the Champagne Lounge and received our next weeks SeaPass cards. After this we walked to the cruise terminal thru the immigrations and then back to the ship.
Did activate the 2nd weeks SeaPass card at the Guest Relations desk.
The ship was quite nice and quiet for awhile before the second weeks guest were allowed to board the ship.
And yes the best part in the end of the first week is watch a empty ship when everyone is packing their suitcases in the cabins and you just sit in the bar and relax.

Cruise cutie

:wave enjoy it.. we were ruined with our Back/Back on Golden Princess cruise last year..and sigh ...NOW we only do 14 day cruises; on our planned every other February cruise..... evil of me.. :grin.and any other cruises are 10 days.. I am ruined!!.. and it's true the sheer volume of SILENCE for several hours while there were only 80 passengers on this HUGE ship was intoxicating... one of our true relaxation days..and it is amazing how you get to see the "real crew lives" as they bustle and arrange and "do it again" on "Flip day".. we just kind of meandered where ever we wanted...:grin..

as for booking back to back on Princess we actually got a free upgrade which we declined but had extra room credit in leiu of..we had the same cabin for the 2 weeks.. and we never had to leave the ship in San Juan.. we simply had to go downstairs have photo for the Sign and Sail.. and done.. took about a minute and a half.. 2 days before the end of the first week we got a letter in our cabin.. RCL may indeed be different..we also had a flip itinerary for the 2 weeks with different ports.. ENJOY!!.. :)>.Joanne