St. John-Excursion or on my own?



I guess it just depends on if you've been to St. Thomas before. We haven't been, and think we're just gonna do Coki and see the rest of the island since Carnival only gives you 8 hours.


It's not just about the snorkeling (which is great), it's about St. John. The island is 2/3 National Park and is truly beautiful, and the town of Cruz Bay is the epitome of a funky, cool laid back Caribbean village. But....feel free to stay on St. Thomas, it just means fewer people of St. John ;~)


I just want to say thank you to all of you for all of your tips for St. John's. I am going in September and reading these had been very helpful!

Librarylady, please email me after your cruise and let me know about your time on St. John.


I too am planning a visit to St John but I will ask beforehand how windy it is on the island before heading . We avoided this problem last year in St Maarten -asked before going to Orient Beach , That particular day was very windy . Listened to natives.Stayed on the beach in front of ship Calm waters Relaxing afternoon!!! A lady we knew said she nearly lost her top at Orient Beach!!! Waves were vicious!!! !!! Not ideal to swim in with kids
I loved Coki Beach last year . We went to Coral World first (20$ cab ride)
then snorkelled next door . Real exciting to be able to name the fish . Way too fast way too short of an afternoon but loved it


We just returned from NOS that stopped at St. Thomas, (first week in Feb.). We went to Trunk Bay on our own. Our open van/bus was a good way to see St. Thomas, as we hit the 9:00 ferry just in time(as recommended by past cruizers). Then, we took a 12-16 person taxi to Trunk Bay. He stopped for those "postcard" photos on the awesome cliffs. St. Johns was beautiful and the ride was 'exciting'. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there. We arrived at Trunk Bay and found a spot for our things under a tree,(for the non-tanners). Plenty of room on the beach and in the water. Georgeous! It was the prettiest beach I have ever been to. Of the six of us, four were new to snorkeling. It wasn't long and we were all viewing some fish, (but not alot, cozumel and grand cayman had more). But that didn't matter to us. We planned to have the taxi pick us up at 1:30. This was plenty of time for us to get back. We then asked him to drop the girls off in the shopping area and the guys at a local pub. We had plenty of time to do it all here. This was our favorite stop on the cruise. It was sunny and not windy at all. Good luck and have fun to those who are going in the future.
Sad that it is over.......Karen E.