St. Kitts, Antiqua & Tortola -- what to do?!?



we are cruising on GOS - RCCL, on 12/26/08, we have been on quite a few cruises, and mostly we love to just grab a cab to the beach and relax ( we are traveling with grandparents, ourselves and our children 7 &10). But these are brand new ports for us & if there is something great, or even a GREAT beach we wouldn't want to miss it! We would even like to try some snorkeling, but not off of a boat -- I think that's too much for my youngest - maybe just off the shore!!


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I will go a little broader with suggestions than you are asking for.
St. Kitts
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I highly recommend Brimstone Hill Fortress.

South Frigate Bay is a popular beach when cruise ships are in port. You will find lots of fun beach bars and a water sports centre.

Another beach you might enjoy is Cockleshell. A new beach bar called Reggae Beach Bar is scheduled to open the end of October.

And this from Mbandy

and this tourguide was recommended by a few people.

You could do the dolphin swim
Take a taxi to Dickinson Bay and rent a jet ski. It is a nice clean beach with little tiki hut bars and various water crafts for rent.
Take a tour with Lawrence of Antigua.

Check into Eli’s eco tour, it is supposedly the best Ocean adventure in Antigua.
his website is

Purchase a day pass at Pineapple Beach Resort on Long Bay.
The day pass at Pineapple Beach is offered by the hotel; you can email or call them in advance but they accept people who just "show up" for the day. The cost is $35.00 US.
Jolly Beach hotel also does the same, and they allow you to use a room for the day in addition to all inclusive drinks, food, use of pool, water sports and beach.
Turner's Beach: is beautiful, but not if you want to snorkel.

<center><u> Tortola</center> </u>

<u>Road Town</u>
Does not seem to hold much attraction for past cruisers.
It is about a 15 min ride, or you can take the taxi.
There is very little shopping available, and it is all taxed. There are few restaurants, and a small museum.

<u>Virgin Gorda:</u>

Take a shore excursion to Virgin Gorda.
You can walk to the ferry port in Roadtown in about 15 min. or catch a taxi. Look for a red building.
The trip to Virgin Gorda is about 45 min. each way by high-speed catamaran.

Just make sure that you check out ferry times if you are doing this on your own, and not through a ships tour. Most people suggest that you give yourself an easy one and a half hours for the return trip.
I would suggest doing what we always do when setting out on our own. Go early in the morning, and return extra early in the afternoon.
The ferry offers packages that include the taxi there also.

The ride from the ferry to Virgin Gorda on the other side is short but interesting.

Remember to take a waterproof camera and tennis shoes or water shoes. It is a bit of a rocky trail down steps to the beach, so not good for anyone with mobility issues.

Once on the beach you can turn right to go to one beach or go left through the caves to another beach.
The latter is a challenge that most feel is worth the effort. You will climb over or squeeze between giant boulders and crevices, wading through warm clear water that is up to your knees, while watching the surf lapping in and out. There are ladders to climb and ropes for you to hang on to.

The beach is very picturesque, with the surf lapping at large boulders, and a view of the yachts in the distance.
There are no facilities of any kind on that beach. So for food and drink, you will have to backtrack to the start.
But the snorkeling amongst the giant granite boulders surrounded with many tropical fish in the clear water is a must.

<u>Smugglers Cove:</u>
Spend a few hours snorkeling at Smugglers Cove. You can go by taxi, but be aware that the roads are steep, winding and bumpy. It is a beautiful and scenic drive over the mountain to the cove.
But it is a fun place to snorkel.

<u>Cane Garden Bay Resort</u>
You can catch a taxi/van as you get off the ship. (about $8 pp round trip) You can arrange with the taxi driver to pick you up at a set time.

Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds.
It is a beautiful beach with gentle sloping sands that take you to the calm waters. It is a great place to swim and relax.
There is no shopping there. But plenty of beach amenities, with a bar on the beach, and places to eat.
You can rent loungers for $5.

<u>Norman Island Tortola </u>
Catch a daysail to the Indians and Norman Island on a small catamaran called the Aristocat. It lasts about 6 hours, and they serve a lunch. It is a good trip for snorkelors.

<u>White Squall sailing excursion </u>
This is rated as a very good tour.
You will sail on an old wooden schooner if you are on White Squall 1.
From all the reviews I have read, this is a fluid tour that will go to a variety of places, depending on time and conditions.
This is a partial list of some of them that you may get to enjoy.

Virgin Gorda: Where you can snorkel.
Privateers Bay, Norman Island: Where you will anchor, and those who wished could either snorkel, or go by dinghy to a restaurant, or just lay on a sun bed on the shore.
Bight and Pirates Bar & Restaurant:
Where you can swim, relax or look in the gift shop
Soldier’s Bay: For more snorkeling.

They provide fruit juice, rum punch, soft drinks or beer. Plus a lunch that people rave about. It also seems to vary, but one poster mentioned a “barbecue, with chicken, sausages, etc., and lovely curried rice salad with the mango chutney, and salad dishes, beautifully set out.â€ÂÂ

A good website for further information is:
For Tortola, check into the British Virgin Islands link. You can optain a detailed map of Tortola along with other good useful info.

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I have just added information on Tortola for you. so check it out again.
and on your return, perhaps you can share some information with us.