St. Lucia, St. Kitts


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Good evening, Mr. Utley,

The Ya-Ya Sisterhood are currently planning their itinerary for the upcoming Eastern Caribbean cruise in March 2010.
They all want to ride the choo-choo on St. Kitts, having "heard good things" about it, and had a great time riding on the White Pass & Yukon RR excursion when last they were in Alaska.
How one experience has any bearing on the enjoyment or outcome of the other is a mystery to me.

Still, its their money.
And I am but a servant of their Collective Will.

Best of luck to you and yours, and a great cruising experience.

Chief Yo-Yo to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Mr. Utley

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ya ya shoor!

The landscape on the train ride in St. Kitts will be a bit flatter, methinks. I understand they keep the passengers well lubricated however.