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St. Maarten catamaran tour?


Kathy N

Can anyone tell me the name of a catamaran tour in St. Maarten that we could possibly book ahead ?


There is the Golden Eagle Catamaran which is a MUST! Sorry... don't have their number with me at work! Maybe someone else can help!



You're right on Deb. We love that excursion too. As a matter we just booked it again on the RCI website, along with a couple others, for our 10/27 AOS cruise. I don't know what ship Kathy is going on, but we've booked our excursions online with RCI for the last two cruises. On the first night the cabin steward delivered the tickets to our room. Can't ask for more than that.


The Golden Eagle Catamaran is wonderful. We went on it last December when cruising on the Golden Princess. It is a half day tour (we did the afternoon) and they serve you wine, beer, punch, soda, water on the trip over to the beach, where they provide snorkeling equipment if you want it. A cooler is brought to shore where they continue to serve drinks (beer and soda) while you are relaxing. On the return trip drinks and snacks (chips, dips, and I think small sandwiches) were served. A good time was had by all !!! I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the beach.

Cindy in OKC