St. Maarten Coconut Smoothie Stand

I just got back last week and I had a smoothie, it was great! I did ask how she made them and she told me that she took a green coconut boiled the inside for about 10-15 minutes. When she said the inside, all of the juice as well as the meat. Once you have done that, any cream of coconut is fine. However, she said she receives the best results when the Lopez brand is used. Invest in a Ninja blender, add a cup to a half cup of ice and blend away to a rich and delicious smoothie St. Marteen style...;0)
Once I got back as soon as a departed the air plane, I went to the local grocery store and the manhunt began. nothing, so I wen to the farmers market found all the ingridents and went home, I already had a Ninja Blender, boiled my green coconut insides for 15 min. let it cool opened Lopez cream o coconut, poured the boiled juice from the green coconut into Ninja blender, then cream o coconut Lopez brand, added my 1 cup of ice and blended taste was identical! I also tinkered around with it and added a splash of pineapple juice Dole real pineapple juice. I almost did a backflip it tasted so good. Good Luck!