St.Maarten - Divi Rseort at Little Bay


James the Cruiser

I am thinking about spending the day with my family at this beach as I have heard positive things. Has anyone here ever visited this resort? What is the beach like. Good for kids? Any problems using resorts facilities?


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I believe this is a secure gated Timeshare/Hotel. It was many years ago. Why not take a taxi to Dawn Beach. The fair is reasonable and chairs are available to rent. There are food stands available too. The surf is safer there also. Or, if you wish to experience a little more European beach style.


We have stayed at Divi before and it is wonderful... We have also walked from the ship to the resort and used their facilities many times. As a matter of fact, some cruise ships are starting to use Divi as a shore excurision where you can use their facilities have a bev and lunch for a set price. We were just there in September for a week. The place was not very busy which we loved. They have a wonderful jewelry store and some shops. Food is very good. They have 3 pools and also the wonderful beach. ALso have a rental place where you can rent beach floats, jet ski etc. Staff is very friendly.

There is a guard at the entrance but we just walked around the gate/poles... Never a questions asked! You will love the place.