St Maarten - frustrated and need help!



Yes, he knows and figures after some of that unlimited rum that he will join in the nude festivities. Should be interesting and entertaining!! :)


this does sound familiar. We cruised with a big group a year and a half ago. Boy, you sure can't please everybody. This time (October) husband and I are cruising alone=clap

Have a great time Oceanfanatic. We are also going to the same island as you. We wanted to get a taxi and cruise around and do some sunbathing and a have a drink or two....:cheers


My wife and I joined in on the nude side of the beach. It is a refreshing feeling swimming without a suit on. Just remember, on that part of the beach, not everyone is in their mid-20s and look like they belong on Baywatch!


with regards to two couples traveling together, our first cruise on the inspiration, was with a couple first time cruising too.... we DEBATED.... DEBATED several excursions.... all trying to please each other...... during the cruise hub and I met a Great group, well several groups and included our friends.... they were less outgoing... by day three, they chose a different excursion, due to port changes... we eventually became comfortable going seperate ways.... along the way... setting up meeting times to do more together as well as seperate on the ship too.....

I know how you're all feeling and trust that you'll feel more comfortable and speak your minds when the time comes.....also.... because this is a long time friend of yours... maybe the "guys" need some time to themselves too.... there may be a bit too much pressure for girl time with the husbands, one having differet interests... the guys may surprise you... or you might try this tactic with the "nude" beach

enjoy and have a snazzy drink for me


We sailed with another couple last October on the Glory. Great friends but we have different interests. We each did our own thing during the day and met up at night for dinner and the show. We had a great time.

Tell your friend that if she starts changing what she likes to do this early in the marriage she's in for a loooooong haul! :)

And JeffFwa - I'm with ya on the St Maartens thing. We got a deal at a 1br condo with Air through an auction house, only way we could afford it, from Denver air alone was more than our entire trip! So we leave on October 17th! :)

I cant' wait, and OceanFanatic, don't worry about it, you need to go and have fun and do what YOU and your husband want. Don't let this make your vacation tense or upsetting this is supposed to be FUN!! :)


I just came back from St. Maarten. I took a taxi $3 per person to Phillipsburg and found a nice spot on the beach to set up for the day. Shops are close by and you can come and go as you please. Buckets of beer (6 beers) for $10 plus food brought right to your chair (under umbrella) we rented wave runners, walked the beautiful beach etc... had a fantastic day and it was very inexpensive. We endedup walking back to ship (about 15 minutes tops) carried our liquor and jewelry purchases with us.