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St Maarten - taxi

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Nicks, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Nicks

    Nicks Guest

    I've read that there is a fair walk into town from the cruise ship. Is that true? Would it be better to take a taxi? We are planning on going to Everyt'ings Cool. Does anyone know how much the taxi would cost from cruise ship to Everytings Cool?

    Happy Sailing!
  2. hstrybuf

    hstrybuf Guest

    Nicks, I've been told by a reliable source that there is a water taxi that you can use all day for a one time fee of $5. It should take you right to downtown and the walk to Every'ting Cool should be a shorter one if you go that route. Please let us know how it works for you if you decide to use it. Several of us from the board will be there in October!

  3. Nicks

    Nicks Guest

    thanks! now to hunt down the info on the water taxi! lolol

    I'll let you know what i find out and how it goes!
  4. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Nicks the water taxi is right on the pier. They will put a plastic wrist band on you to ride the taxi back and forth all day for $5 per person. A one way trip is $3.00 per person. The water taxi makes two stops, one at Bob's Marina and then the pier in the center of town. Everytin's Cool is a left turn when you get to Front Street. You will have a great time there. That's where I spend the day. Two lounge chairs and a beach umbrella for $10.00.
  5. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    Yup, Evertyt'ing Cool is a great place to be. When you get on the water taxi, do not get off at the first stop it makes. Stay on until the second stop which is close to Everyt'ing Cool.
  6. meg

    meg Guest

    If you would like a very reliable and entertaining cab driver in St. Maarten, ask for Virgin Mary, she was a hoot and took very good care of us, even coming back early for us at the beautiful beach she took us to and waited until we were ready to leave.
  7. joan schmitz

    joan schmitz Guest

    Does the water taxi take you to Orient Beach and pick up as well?
  8. Nicks

    Nicks Guest

    it only stops at the old dock and downtown. Orient beach is way the heck on the other side of the island. You'll have to take a land taxi for that!
  9. Are there kids at Everythings Cool?
  10. BobG

    BobG Guest

    If you take a taxi out to oreint beach what's the best way to make sure it come's back to pick you up ??
  11. sgrissom

    sgrissom Guest

    Don't worry about having a taxi come back for you. Ours was anxious to take us back to the ship but we didn't want to commit to a specific time. When we were ready to leave there were LOADS of taxis there. We had our pick of about 15 drivers and shared the fare back to town with a couple we met on the beach.
    Don't miss Orient beach. It's one of my favorites.
  12. JohnG

    JohnG Guest

    Yes, Everyt'ings Cool is a beachfront restaurant and bar with lockers, restrooms, and the beach. We have taken the kids with us there twice.
  13. Cindy & Ross

    Cindy & Ross Guest

    Has anyone taken any of the excursions in St. Maarten? Any sights we shouldn't leave without seeing?
  14. Ali

    Ali Guest

    My first visit to St. Maarten I took the Island Tour. Gives you a chance to see both sides. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. On the French side you are given a chance to get off the tour bus and shop at the outdoor market and roam around for a while.
  15. Johnnysrebel

    Johnnysrebel Guest

    Re: St Maarten - taxi/excursions

    We took the Grand Explorer and Island tour off the Norway on Sept 11, 2002. A two block walk thru Phillisburg to an Air Conditioned bus took us on a tour of the Island to Marigot where we had about one hour to explore (shop) before getting on the Explorer, (sort of like the party boats you see in other ports) for a tour of Simpson Bay with free Mimosas or Rum Punch. We then were returned to the bus for the return trip to the Dutch side. Tour lasted about 5 1/2 hours. Had time to see Phillipsburg before returning to the ship. The guides on both the bus and Explorer were good. Would recommend the excursion if you don't want to spend time on the beach.

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