St. Thomas: Coral World vs. St. John



This will be our first cruise.
Cruising RCI, we will be on the island of St. Thomas a total of 11 hours. Can anybody recommend a good excursion.? We heard excursions book up fast on the ship, therefore pre-booking is recommended.
We are debating over "Coral World/Coki beach" and the "St. John tour".
Does anybody have any recommendations?
Is it possible time/wise to do both tours? (RCI states the duration of the tours but does not provide the start or end time of the tours).


It may be possible to do both. Call the cruise line and ask for more detailed information about what time the tours start and end. If you book both through the cruise line you shouldn't have to worry about timing. We went on this same trip in April with Princess. We also tried to make a decision between St. John and Coki Beach. After much thought and searching the net for recommendations of others, we chose St. John. I think we made an excellent choice! I would not have wanted to miss St. John. It is absoultely picture post card perfect! I do not think you would be disappointed with St. John. It is like a small slice of heaven. I would definitely recommend St. John if you only have one choice.

Happy sailing!


If you go to Royal Caribbean's website and book your tour you will see the times if you cruise is within the next 5-6 months. Your not committed to the tour until you check out so you can browse to your heats content.


We just returned from The Eastern Caribbean and chose to go to Trunk Bay while in St, Thomas. It was absolutely beautiful!!! We snorkeled for the very first time and the water was crystal clear and the beach was georgous!!! Trunk bay is actually on the island of St. John and really worth the trip!


If they offer it, take the Captin Nautica Power Boat Snorkel trip, it is a blast. They take you to 2 different sites to snorkel. They have lots to pick from and take you to the one's with the best conditions and least crowd. I have snorkeled Trunk Bay and Coki beach. Coki can be packed with people if there are lots of big ships in that day. Trunk Bay is nice, but last time there, not too much in the way of fish life. If you are going to Trunk Bay, it is a lot cheaper to go it on your own. Take a taxi to Red Hook, then the Ferry to St John and get a cab to Trunk Bay and just tell him what time to pick you up.


how is the snorkling at Coki Beach? we've been vascilating back and forth between Coki Beach and Coral World ...or going over to Trunk Bay

Sheila Gunnels

I would recomend both. First go to St. John it is absoulty beautiful there. If you there for 11 hours you should have time to see both. I would recomend Megans bay in St. Thomas also. But defintly visit St. John the beaches and the scenary are just amazing.


6 Days to I cruise the Carnival - Victory :)


Coki beach is at Coral world, so you can do both with one stop. St John is the place to go for beauty and snorkle, taxi to Red Hook, ferry to St John, ferrys run hourly. Here is a link to some USVI info and ferry schedules <>
If snorkling is more important to you, then I wouldn't bother with Meagans bay, that is a big and calm beach, great for bathing, not good for snorkle.


And Cokie is okay for nonexperienced snorklers because you can see fish in water you can stand in. They feed them and they swarm. Beach is nice with vendors and facilities. I'd rather do St. John's, and will next time with just my wife. Taking two kids makes it quite expensive. $32 per person for cabs, ferry, admittance. Don't know what the excursion rate is.