St. Thomas Snorkeling/Shopping



Hi All,

Were sailing into St. Thomas aboard the Legend in late September and wanted to try and do both snorkeling and shopping in the eleven hours the ship will be docked there. We have considered St. John but I understand there is not a lot of shopping over there and this is more for an all day , do nothing else but snorkel, excursion. My questions for you kind folks are:

What is the best beach to go snorkeling at and be in some proximity to shopping?


What shopping is recommended for the bargain hunter? (i.e. markets, vendors etc. as opposed to more commercialized (high overhead) shopping areas)

Thanks very much.

Kevin and Jane


You'd have plenty of time to get to St. John, do some snorkeling and return to do some shopping, but if you want to stay on St. Thomas, then head over to Coki Beach. Good snorkeling and beach activities. While there's not much shopping right there, you're still on St. Thomas so easy to catch a cab back to Charlotte Amalie and the ship's dock at Havensight.


I agree Coki is nice, Megans Bay is nice with alot of activities and just over the mountain from town. Trunk bay on st. John used to be the best but I heard it was destroyed over the years not sure if its true. They have a underwater tour that you follow snorkeling. A little hint stay off front street at night.