St. Thomas-Tortola Dolphin Swim


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Anyone ever been on this excursion from St. Thomas? Kids 7 & 10-is it worth it? 1 hr. transfer and have to go through immigration in the British Virgin Islands. Is it a hassle or worth it??


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Thanks for the link KK.

I must admit I am in complete agreement with poster webtogo when it comes to the dolphins in captivity. I don't think it is right and that's why I have never done a dolphin encounter and never will.

A month or so ago Mike Huckabee had the producer of the movie The Cove on his TV show on FOX. (for those who didn't read the link, it is a movie about the Japanese dolphin round ups where they brutally capture the dolphins to sell to people who operate these attractions) They showed a rather extensive clip from the movie. It was horrifying and heart breaking.

I have nothing against anyone who participates in the dolphin swims, I have a dear friend who loves it.

As for me, I enjoy putting on my fins and mask and visiting the fish, the coral and other sea life in their natural habitat. For me, far more satisfying.