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St. Thomas

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Debbie Mumaw, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Debbie Mumaw

    Debbie Mumaw Guest

    We are going on the Zuiderdam, Dec. 14 with another couple. We were in St. Thomas in Jan. but just did the snorkeling, never made it downtown with our girls because I had just finished chemo and was too tired. Anything you would recommend as far as getting there and where the best places to shop are etc? Thanks again for this wonderful new site arrangement. Love the new HAL board!
  2. liajoel

    liajoel Guest

    You can always shop at Havensight mall it is right where the ship docks. We always do the beach thing first( usually in St. John) Then when we get back to the ship, we just head accross the pier and shop right there.
  3. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Hi again Debbie,

    If you tie up at the main pier, Havensight Mall is right there, it has a good selection of shops. However, just a short walk or cab ride will take you down town for many of the same shops, but with a little more atmosphere. Don't miss Dronnigans Gade. Let me know what you are looking for, and maybe I can suggest some particular places to look.


  4. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Was just checking and we may be in St Thomas at the same time. I think the Zaandam is there at the same as your ship. :cool
  5. Debbie Mumaw

    Debbie Mumaw Guest

    Hi Bruce, since I talked to you last we have talked another couple into cruising with us. They have only cruised on Carnival, very short cruises, so are as excited as we to try HAL. Since our cruise, like yours, is right before Christmas, I am probably going to be doing jewelry and gift shopping. I don't know what the other place you mentioned is but we aren't going to do the beach thing this time just downtown and I am interested in everyone's favorites. Thanks again to everyone for being so helpful!
  6. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    Havensight is right off the pier. Lots of shops and still close to ship. Same stores as downtown, just smaller versions. You can also take the tram ride up the mountain top, and have a drink with a great view. All within walking distance from ship. Just a thought. Have a great cruise. I want to go on the Zuiderdam next year after my Radiance cruise. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Laurie :wave :candle
  7. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    Don't forget, the cheapest booze in the Caribbean is at Kmart in St. Thomas. Yep, it's within walking distance. If you do nothing else but shop in St. Thomas, do yourself a favor and take a cab to mountain top, the view is breath taking. Good shopping there too!
  8. I agree with cruzman you would really be missing out if you didnt go to the top of the mountain, we did it twice with the tour buses which go to the top and stop along the way for photo ops $30.00 per person, the view from the top is beautiful.

  9. duce

    duce Guest

    HI! Just wanted to say the Havensight mall is great for all kinds of items. Everything from expensive jewlery to t-shirts and beach towels. We also did the Trunk Bay, St. John's for snorkeling and then returned to shower onboard and then walked a short distance to the havensight Mall. ENJOY!!
  10. rocster

    rocster Guest

    Just another OBTW, Bruce mentioned that downtown (Mainstreet) is a short cab ride or walk away from Havensight Mall, well.....a short cab ride, yes, but a looong walk from the Havensight piers.
  11. Jan Marie

    Jan Marie Guest

    We went to St Thomas in March We took a taxi ride to the top of the mountain in an open taxi We did not book it through the cruise line We went on the White Knight taxi It is an open truck taxi and the guide was wonderful He had lived there for over 30 years, and he took us everywhere We got to go look out over Megan Bay and mountain top[ Also alot of other places to see on the ride It took about 2 1/2 hours and was $20.00 per person The best money spent on the whole cruise The view of the island was beautiful from all the areas he took us to. Hope you enjoy It is not too tiring since you ride most of the time and if you want to shop there are some at the top of the mountain.
  12. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Shops I love in St. Thomas. At Havensight, my favorite jewelry store is Beverly's! Jack treats me just right. There are so many shops in Charlotte Amalie, I hesitate I will miss one. For linen's don't miss Mr.Tablecloth, for a funky cruise watch at about $20 try Captain's Quarters near the park and at Havensight. Check out the ship's recommended shops and stop in some just to have a look. At Havensight, there is a deli/grocery store which has a very good selection of wines. When you are worn out from shopping after you bring your purchases back to the ship, walk across the street and take the tram up Paradise Point. A Bushwaker will make your day as will the view.
    Bon Voyage

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