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Stansted to Dover Taxi

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Tom D., Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Tom D.

    Tom D. Guest

    I have benefited from advice on cruise forums so it is my turn to provide one.

    When cruising from Dover, England we have found that flying into Stansted is much more convenient than Heathrow or Gatwick. The airport is smaller and less hectic. I have also found a taxi service that will take you fron Stansted to the cruise terminal in Dover, a distance of 100 miles, for 110 British Pounds, which is much less than what car service companies charge. There is also the advantage that since the taxi is located in town they can leave when your flight arrives and thus there is no waiting-time charges. Some car service companies charge 15 pounds after waiting for more than 45 minutes. The owner, Geoff, is very nice and will reply to your request by e-mail when you fill out a form at his Web site, www.hertsandessextaxis.com. I was surprised by the fact that he doesn't ask for a credit card when you make a reservation. When I asked him about it he said that they have been stood up so infrequently that it doesn't matter.

    Note that the distance from Stansted to Dover is less than from Heathrow.

    A second tip is about hotels in Dover. We were in the Ramada Hotel, which is fairly new and very nice but is in a residential area outside of Dover. Next time we'll choose a hotel that is in town, even if it is not as nice as Ramada so that we can walk around the town and have a choice of places to eat dinner.

    A third tip: If you fly out of JFK in NYC and are planning to fly business class, look into EOS Airline. They fly into Stansted, they charge less than most other airlines, there are only 48 passengers per plane, the seat folds flat and is in a pod, the food and service was excellent.

  2. Bobbie

    Bobbie Guest

    Tom, that's great information, thanks! We've had good experiences at LHR, but it can be one big madhouse if you're not ensconced in the Bus. Class lounge (which we were, thank God!).

    Is that the airline's full name "EOS"? Can you provide a link to their website? I'd like to see if they fly to Stansted from California. Thanks! :thumb
  3. Tom D.

    Tom D. Guest

    EOS is the full name of the airline. I don't know if they fly from LAX but I read that MaxJet will be flying non-stop from LAX to Stansted and the price will be the same as from JFK, $1500 rt. That seems like a great price. MaxJet is also all business class but at that price I doubt if the seats are as good as on EOS. But it sure beats coach.

  4. Bobbie

    Bobbie Guest

    I'll definitely look into that. Thanks! :thumb

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