Star Princess November 21st



My daughter is sailing on the Star on November 21st and we have a couple more questions that I hope someone can answer.

1. Are you allowed to bring bottles of wine on the ship without sneaking it on? What is the corking fee to bring your own wine to dinner? (Is Princess very strict with their rules about bringing a bottle or two of liquor from the Islands on to the ship?)

2. She has tours scheduled for Ocho Rios with Peat Taylor and Grand Cayman with Capt. Marvin. can someone give us some ideas for Cozumel other than just shopping? They do not want to rent their own car in Cozumel, but they are in their 20's and are looking for some ideas.

3. They are scheduled to have Personal Choice Dining, but they have heard some horror stories from friends that cruised on NCL with freestyle dining. I.E. food overcooked, not hot, etc. Is Princess Personal Choice Dining different from NCL in that respect? They are looking forward to the dinners and are now a little nervous about what to expect with the Personal Choice. Can anyone clarify for us?

4. Does Princess have midnight buffets and specialty nights along with the Formal nights?

5. They are leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale. We usually get to the Port around 11:00am with other cruise lines and get right on board. How early can you get on the ship with Princess?

Thanks in advance for all of your comments and help. We sure do appreciate everyone's help!!!!