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Star Princess Room

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Justin, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. Justin

    Justin Guest

    I will be sailing on the Star princess October 26th for my Honeymoon. We just recvieved our room asignement today we are on the Aloha deck the first room with a balcony A202. Should I be concerned that we are the very first room?

    We are both very excited!
  2. Will

    Will Guest

    Maybe a little more rocking and rolling.
  3. cruisecraig

    cruisecraig Guest

    I wouldn't worry about it, Justin. We had the very front room on Crown Princess to Hawaii last January in rough seas, and though we could feel the movement a little more there than amidships, it was more of an adventure than an annoyance.

    We're booked on the same cruise as you are and just down the hall. I'm expecting calm seas and hot weather.
  4. Suzy

    Suzy Guest

    Don't worry about it. The Star is so big you hardly feel a thing. I was on her in Alaska in BD205 - second from front on the Baja deck. No problem. You will get LOTS of exercise walking towards the center of the ship to go everywhere though. I thought it was great to eat all that good food and walk it off! ~Suzy
  5. Rapsodyme

    Rapsodyme Guest

    Many Blessings on your marriage. Have a great honeymoon

    I think your cabin will be fine and this is our third cruise to Mexico this time of year and we have always had smooth sailing.

    We will be on the Star on the 26th also. This is our first time to hav a balcony so very excited. Happy sailing and may you be married as long as I have (45 years)

  6. robertew

    robertew Guest

    Congrats to the honeymooners! Also to Rapsodyme for 45 years! We just passed 41 and are sailing Star on Nov 16, a late 41st celebration. Looking forward to Mexico.
    Do they play "Mariachi" music or steel drums by poolside? Just curious! Either way, it will be great to be at sea!
  7. bardgal

    bardgal Guest

    Steel drums poolside.

    But there is a nice mariachi group that plays outside in the mercado on the quay in Mazatlan.

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