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State/Country ROLL CALL!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Toto, Oct 9, 2001.

  1. Ed Wynn

    Ed Wynn Guest

    <HTML>Roe & Ed from the "Entertainment Capital of the World" -- Las Vegas, Nevada

    3 cats and a puppy complete our household. 32 cruises to date.


    Ed in Las Vegas</HTML>
  2. <HTML>Crafty Cruiser here. Hubby and I live in central Florida. Only just us two cruisers.

    :USA :ribbon :candle</HTML>
  3. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon Guest

    <HTML>Corinne and John Wilson from Surrey, England.
    Have also cruised with my Dad, so three of us.</HTML>
  4. Chip

    Chip Guest

    <HTML>Chip and Laurie from Jacksonville, FL.</HTML>
  5. <HTML>Scott & Ginger from Fredericksburg, VA</HTML>
  6. seamom

    seamom Guest

    <HTML>Susan from Toronto...........three cruisers in this household..........the board is really slow for me this avo and I thought I'd already posted......twice!!</HTML>
  7. hopie

    hopie Guest

    <HTML>Larry and Hope from Schaumburg IL just outside Chicago!</HTML>
  8. AndyD

    AndyD Guest

    <HTML>Janet and Andy......... from PA
    temporarily in Richland, WA
    GP in 25 days....... but who's counting!</HTML>
  9. Belle

    Belle Guest

    <HTML>Two from Northern California here.</HTML>
  10. Regan

    Regan Guest

    <HTML>2 Cruisers from Richmond, VA. Usually cruise with nephew and his wife from Athens, Alabama</HTML>
  11. Jan Z.

    Jan Z. Guest

    <HTML>Jan, Andy and Andrea....The beautiful Berkshires of Ma.!!:USA</HTML>
  12. <HTML>Looks as if we are the only two addicts in the State of Hawaii. Strange really as we are surrounded by water and have over 300 cruise ship visits annually, soon to be more as there will be four ships berthen here permanently in the near future.

    Bryan and Celestine

  13. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    <HTML>Rick, Debbie and April from Louisville, KY

    :candle :norun</HTML>
  14. ginny

    ginny Guest

    <HTML>Ginny and Rick from Ft. Myers Florida, soon to be moving to Sarasota, Fl

  15. Margie

    Margie Guest

    <HTML>2 cruisers from Mount Vernon, WA. 3rd cruise will be on the Carnival Spirit on
    Oct. 20th.</HTML>
  16. Paul J

    Paul J Guest

    <HTML>Two cruisers here from Springfield, MO. 5 cruises in the past; first in 1995, 6th this weekend (10/14/01) on the Inspiration. We are HOOKED!!!</HTML>
  17. CFXTBB

    CFXTBB Guest

    <HTML>Jenny & Jason from Indiana
    We're counting down for the Voyager on 10/21 :)</HTML>
  18. <HTML>Bob and Melinda here from Naples, FL
    counting down 18 more days until the Zenith Repo cruise</HTML>
  19. ANSalberg

    ANSalberg Guest

    <HTML>Anne Salberg here! Longmont - Colorado
    EVERYbody in my family cruises! Husband Dick, girls Kathy & Suzy with their husbands; Dan & Mike. And Grands Jon 16, Hayley 11, Kaitlin 9. PLUS my sister Louise! 13 cruises and counting [ 2 for 2002 ] :daisy</HTML>
  20. Bibb

    Bibb Guest

    <HTML>Bibb & Karen from Kittery, Maine. Both 12 time cruisers.

    <marquee behavior="alternate" width="300">
    :usa :UK</marquee>


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