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State Roll Call!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Toto, Jan 3, 2002.

  1. Luke

    Luke Guest

    <HTML>Luke in Dallas, Texas</HTML>
  2. Ali

    Ali Guest

    <HTML>Is the Caribbean Sea a State? Just kidding?

    Ali from Chicago, Illinois</HTML>
  3. Tero

    Tero Guest

    <HTML>Is Finland counted ?

    Tero :FINLAND</HTML>
  4. beachmom5

    beachmom5 Guest

    <HTML>Beachmom5 and hubby from

    Hutchinson Island, Florida</HTML>
  5. reese

    reese Guest

    <HTML>From a snowy Cary, North Carolina</HTML>
  6. dlovegrove

    dlovegrove Guest

    <HTML>David and Bethany from Atlanta, Georgia.

  7. Olga

    Olga Guest

    <HTML>a la Miss America:

    Hello!! I'm Olga from the Garden State of New Jersey! And I want to help people cruise all over the world. Feed the hungry cruisers at the buffet. Cleanse their tired bodies in the Jacuzzis. That's my platform.</HTML>
  8. cruise lady

    cruise lady Guest

    <HTML>San Diego, California</HTML>
  9. <HTML>Earl and Carol from Falls Church, Virginia

    Radiance of the Seas – Southern Caribbean

    Dawn Princess – Southern Caribbean

    Radiance of the Seas – Panama Canal
  10. Cruisinpat

    Cruisinpat Guest

    <HTML>Cruisinpat and Craig from Maryland</HTML>
  11. valmoisy

    valmoisy Guest

    <HTML>Maura from VIneyard Haven, Massachusetts</HTML>
  12. <HTML>
    Connie from Illinois, 40 minutes from Chicago.</HTML>
  13. Majj4

    Majj4 Guest

    <HTML>Jill. Bowie, MD</HTML>
  14. gambler

    gambler Guest

    <HTML>Helen (gambler) and family from Houston, Texas</HTML>
  15. CruiseDiva

    CruiseDiva Guest

    <HTML>Linda -- Augusta, Georgia (where it is STILL snowing!!!)
  16. <HTML>Typo Queen from Rochester NY</HTML>
  17. DonnaL

    DonnaL Guest

    <HTML>Philadelphia, PA here

  18. Gerre

    Gerre Guest

    <HTML>From Long Island, New York</HTML>
  19. <HTML>Mark, Lesely, and Harrison from Calabasas, California</HTML>
  20. <HTML>Lisa, Doug and Ryan from Denver, Colorado!</HTML>

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