stupid question. why is our stateroom # GTY on our online documentation? i was curious to see what tentative room they had us in. any ideas what GTY is?


GTY means you are booked but not yet assigned a stateroom. This is a method of getting the best rate available but you get no choice to the location of your room, it could be anywhere in the category of your guarantee or higher. ( Your TA should have informed you about this) It's great if you are not choosy, the assigned room will be one that no one else has chosen so the location is almost guaranteed to not be the best. If you are choosy about your location, you are going to need to contact your TA about buying an upgrade to a cabin you prefer.


Hi nascargirly,

I have booked guarantee (GTY) on several cruises on RCI, Princess, and NCL and have always had a great cabin with a great location! (As far as it not being the best cabin, on modern cruise ships, they're all about the same, within category) I have always been placed in a category above my GTY level as well. I'd say, just enjoy the adventure and see what you get when you step aboard the ship!

Ginny is correct that if you are choosy, you should book and pay for the cabin of your choice. Why are some people choosy? Here are some reasons:

--They want to be close to the elevator (less to walk)
--They want to be farther from the elevator (no noise)
--They want to be in the center of the ship for less motion
--The want be be in the front or rear of the ship to feel more motion
--They want to be lower in the ship for less motion
--They want to be higher in the ship because it's considered "classier" (but more motion)
--They want to be near the atrium
--They want to be far from the atrium (too noisy)
--They don't want to be under or above a night club
--They don't want to be under the jogging track, pool, dining room, etc.
--They don't want to be towards the rear of the ship (engine noise, vibrations)
--They want the rear balcony cabins


where did you see this GTY thingy? I have been looking for two weeks now and can't find anything about our room?


go to the royal caribbean website, online documentation section. you will need your booking # (7 #'s).. fill out the info and it will bring up name, sailing date.. ect. fot room # it stated GTY.
happy sailing!!


I've had great luck with booking guarantees. On at least three of my cruises, I have been upgraded - several were from inside to oceanview cabins.

Happy cruising .......

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