steam room / sauna etiquitte


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Just got back from the 5 day Mexico cruise on Radiance of the Seas. We had an absolutely awsome time; the food was better, the staff friendlier and just the overall experience was an improvement over another line that we have sailed too many times. Anyhow, I have a question about the etiquitte in the steam room and sauna. I used these facilities and saw people in various stages of dress. I'm just wondering what is the proper way to enjoy these concerning clothing and footwear.


If you take me serious, it's your problem
well... to be completely honest, it is mostly an american thing to be hung up on nudity.. Most other countries simply accept that some of it's population prefers to sunbathe/swim/sauna..etc. in the nude.

We Americans seem to have, over the years, placed taboo on nudity. I personally would be polite and not make an issue of it. I mean after all, you are on a cruise aren't you?? and to let something so simple as nudity get to you would be a shame.

I personally would take a towel with me into the sauna and disrobe once i had entered. This way i allow my whole body recieve the medicinal effects of the sauna...

So in answer to your question i think as long as you aren't advertising your nudity you should be ok .... i mean no swinging things around where anyone could get hurt and you should be ok.... i really think it won't be an issue with the other passengers if you treat it as if it is a normal occurance...