Still alive and kicking here



Well, it’s been almost a month now since I had that really rotten response to my experimental chemo medication that landed me in the hospital for 4 days almost unresponsive. What a roller coaster ride I have been on since then. When I shared with my family my latest metastasis findings, that the cancer is very wide spread and is now in several parts of my brain, ALL of my brother and sisters made immediate plans to come visit me, a few at a time. But first my oldest friend Stephanie drove here from Idaho and spent a week with us and we had such a great visit. Deana has been so very faithful to come see me once a month for several months now. Wish I had more energy so we could get more accomplished each visit, but simply enjoying her company is so uplifting to my spirits. While I was still in the hospital Sue flew up from San Diego for a pre-arranged visit. Too bad 3 of those days it was only for hospital visits!!! What rotten timing huh? But it sure cheered me up to see her pretty face each day. We did have one great day together here at home. It took me several days to get back on my feet, literally. I ended up using a walker for almost a week and eventually had to get myself a back brace due to the lower back pain and weakness that I was experiencing.

Next Andy came for a week, just to work on Christy’s dollhouse with me. That actually turned out to be a bear to work on and I’m sure I could not have assembled that house by myself at all. Some of the manufacturers parts were cut at the wrong angles so Andy used his extensive woodworking knowledge to make the necessary adjustments. I never would have been able to figure it all out by myself. We didn’t accomplish nearly half of what we had hoped, but at least got the most important part assembled.

On Friday Jim, his wife Julie and 4 year old Sophie flew in from Ohio and Jon and his daughter Kamryn drove up from San Diego for the weekend. Andy got to visit with them for a little while before he headed back to the LA area. On Saturday Deana flew in just to see both our brothers together. We took the little girls to see some giant tortoises and had a great day visiting. I think it’s been about 25 years since Jim and Jon have seen each other, and Deana hasn’t seen Jim for almost that long. I did get to visit with Jim a couple years ago when I flew to Ohio to visit Christy. Jon BBQd for us all and the little girls hit it off instantly. It was such fun to see them laughing and playing in the back yard. Jon shared with us all the contents of a trunk that he had recently obtained that had some very important Navy keepsakes that belonged to our Dad. None of us had seen these items before. What a wonderful experience that was. My next very special visitor will be my dtr Becky when she flies up for a week in May. It’s too bad that Christy just started a new job and all vacations are nonexistent for her company right now.

It was so blessed to be able to see all of my family like I did. Ever hear of a living wake? Well, that’s almost what I experienced over the past month. Just to be able to hug each and every one of them and share some sweet memories of our childhood was the best medicine in the world. Of course, I’ve taken very long naps every day since they all left, and I’m still tired. LOL

Now I have 2 dollhouses to resume work on. But most daunting for me is the fact that my oncologist wants me to continue my new, once a month, infusion chemo drug tomorrow. Thankfully this will be only a 15 mintue procedure. I don’t think this one is what triggered my last episode, but I’m holding my breath anyway. I have to trust him on this one because the day I decide to forgo any more chemo my time on earth will be considerably shortened ~ and I’m definitely not ready for that. Even though I’m ready to go be with my Lord for a long, long rest, I still have way too much that I want to accomplish. I have those houses to finish, a trip to San Diego to see what Sue has done to Mom’s house, a wedding to attend in Washington for my niece Jennifer, and a trip to Ohio to deliver those dollhouses and hug my dtr Christy and hopefully I can squeeze in a short trip to Vegas to visit Aunt Joanne. So keep those prayers coming.

Hugs, Mariposa/Ronda


It is great to read that you are doing so much and have terrific visits from friends and family. Keep that fighting spirit up! You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you and God Bless.



Friends and family are our true treasures! I am so happy that you are finding and getting to visit with all those beautiful gems that you have gathered together over the years. are my favourite butterfly and I think about you and remember you in my prayers daily! Stay well enough to accomplish your "wish" list...and if you can, keep growing it!

Love and =hug=hug=hug


What an amazing amount of courage and zest for living you have. I have learned so much from my friends who are fighting cancer. I am blessed to have you touching my life the ways you have. I continue to keep the needlepoint you did for my friend Jan next to my easy chair, and think of you every night when I see it, my dear. Hugs and kisses and prayers are yours every day.


I'm sure all the visits have been uplifting. Only wish we were close enough to stop in and pester you too. Please keep us informed of when you're heading out to Ohio. SunFlower and I both really want to meet you; and I see no reason why we (C@s) can;'t set up a mini-meet ... You mean more to all of us than you'll ever know ...


Well, you've had a busy couple of weeks, haven't you? What a joy for you to be able to spend so much time with friends and family! My thoughts will be with you tomorrow during your procedure. This one will be quick and easy!


So glad to hear you are doing better & having lots of company. Good to hear the doll houses are coming along.
Prayers & good thoughts continue from MN.


Hi Mari! I remember you from years past, just came back to the board myself, so it's great to "see you"! Please keep up your "fighting-spirit" and I'm so glad that your family members are visiting. When I was taking my Nursing classes "way back when" one of our stints was to work in the Chemo & Oncology Dept. so we could learn how better to tend to the needs of people like yourself who are going thru Chemo. We had a saying, "If you could deal with the Chemo, you could beat the Cancer". Don't know if that's true or not since I've never had to face what your going thru, but I do know your going to "bounce-back" from this thing, bolstered by thought's & prayer's of everyone you know. I helped take care of my Aunt who was going thru Chemo, you have your "good-day's" and your "bad-day's". On both of those times Mari, please remember you still have alot of friends here on the Board, check-in with us, let us know how your doing so we can help lift your spirits. And please feel free to pm me at anytime if you feel up to it. I will keep you in my thought's & prayer's. (((((((Mari)))))) :angel


Seinding prayers and the best of wishes. So nice you are having a spec ial time with various family members.


So happy that you posted. I was thinking of and praying for you on Easter Sunday. Your positive attiude will take you far. Prayers continue, of course.

H2O babe

I echo Jan's sentiments that prayers, warm wishes, and good thoughts continue for you coming from MN. We would love to see dollhouse photos!



Mari, you COULD be all GLOOM AND DOOM (deservedly so) but are instead a ray of sunshine in our lives each time you post and share your days with us. I am sure your family members had as special a time as you did. Good luck with your doll houses. I am sure they are beautiful and will always be cherished by many. =hug =hug


Man...I kept wondering how you there anyone who will let us know how you are if you can't get to the computer one day and we want to send you our love so you know you aren't forgotten?!! Hope all goes well for you tomorrow and you'll gain a spurt of strength soon to get a move on with those projects!!

Cruise cutie

Hugs Love and prayers Mari..and the family visits *ARE* the best.. I am pulling you get all your things set up ,and accomplished..winging prayers, and coping days to never leave the prayer chain....Joanne


I am sending hugs and prayers to you too. You are such an inspiration to the rest of us. Hope your procedure goes smoothly
and you get the doll houses finished.


I am so glad you are getting this time with family and friends. Hugs and best wishes for your and as always, your in my prayers.

Donna - dsw

So good to see ya posting - I know it must be hard for you to take the time to do this - you are so amazing! Your spirit shines brightly for all of us!

Keep it up girl and know you are in our thoughts and prayers!


Good to "see" ya! Glad to see your spirits are good, and hopefully you will have a better time this time with the chemo. It's an old saying, but it is true, where there is life there is hope! Hang in there, hugs, cc ((((((((((((((Mari))))))))))))


I keep repeating this, but you never cease to amaze me, Mari. I pray this next round of chemo will not create any problems at all.

Good wishes and prayers continue. {{{HUGS}}}

Mary Ann