Still going strong, thank the Lord



5-14-09 hanging in there

Well, the doctors agreed to wait till my daughter’s visit was over and I take a 1 week visit to my aunt’s house before beginning the 10 day course of radiation. I’m so glad because this past week we have been going through all the things I had put away for her to look at and have only had a few problems with me being too tired. My back gets very tired and once in a while I need to wear my back brace, otherwise we have had a lovely visit. Looks like the weather in Las Vegas is going to be fairly warm next week, which sounds good to me. Too bad I won’t be doing much sight seeing this time around. We’ll just sit around visiting and relaxing, which I really need. Soon as we return the flurry of doctor appoints will resume again. Hope the radiation of my spine will offer me some pain relief. It’s a bummer to have to stop everything to lay down for a while. Pain can sure drain you of all energy~

Glad to read the updates on flying, I’ll be sure to take extra cash for the surprises that might await me. This time I’m requesting early boarding as well as wheelchair assistance. Those LONG walks to the boarding site can be really tough when your legs are weak and feel like jelly and you’re trying to lug the carry on luggage. I didn’t realize that when you request this special assistance they ask no questions, just grant your request~~ I think I’ll take along a small sealed container of applesauce as well as some yogurt for taking meds on the plane. My sister says she takes an empty bottle and fills it up with water when she gets close to the boarding area. Good tip huh?

Haven't worked on the doll houses this past month, too busy gathering 'things' to share with my daughter. It sure was fun looking at all my treasures as she unwrapped them! It felt like Christmas for both of us.

Hugs, Mariposa, Ronda


Rhonda so glad you have had a good visit with your daughter. You can request the wheel chair at the curb and they will take you right to the waiting area and the gate people take you down to plane. One of reason I need the scooter is for those long walks in airports. Will be nice you have time with the relatives. Sending good wishes for you. Doing good juob hanging in.


Glad to hear you've been having some good visits. Warm weather of Vegas sounds great to me right now as I'm STILL waiting for spring to arrive here in my little part of the world--very cool & so many rainy days. As always, wishing you the very best.


Ask for that help, play those cards you have been dealt. I am glad to hear that you are having a fun time with your DD. Have a relaxing time at your aunt's house, too.


Glad to see you are enjoying your daughter's visit and wishing you a comfortable trip to Vegas!


So glad that you checked in and that you are having a good visit with your dd. It is hard to ask for assistance when you have been used to being independent but the help is there but seldom offered. And have a wonderful time.



Rhonda it's nice to see that you are enjoying your daughters visit. :)
Hope you have a good flight and a wonderful relaxing time in Vegas. :daisy


Yes, Rhonda, take all the time you can while you can. Ask for assistance. It's there for YOU! You'd be surprised how much people want to help. You only need to request it. Why yogurt and applesauce? Do they work especially well with your meds?

It's hard to imagine Vegas as a "relaxing" vacation, but I guess you'll do that anyway. :)


Nice to hear that your visit with your daughter has been so much fun. Enjoy your relaxing trip to Las Vegas.


Rhonda, please don't ever hesitate to ask for assistance. That's what it's for! As airports are becoming so much larger and complex, I can see the need for assistance for lots of people who never need it in the past. Save your energy for your visit, and have a wonderful time.


Lovely to see you and thinking of you........I was really hoping that you were posting when I went to open this site...and ta-da! Happy to see you there...have tons of fun.


I had some lousy knee problems a few years back and requested a wheelchair at the airport to change planes. The nice young man (at 7:20 a.m. coming in on a commuter flight to Detroit) asked me if I wanted to stop for coffee. We did and asked if he wanted some, he said, "no thanks". I offered him $5.00 for the wheelchair ride and he said, "no thanks, it's just nice to have someone to talk to this early in the morning".
It's amazing how kind people can be.

Your attitude, courage and mostly your spirit will serve you well.
Safe travels and great health improvements for you are my wish for you.


It is so good to see you posting. I'am glad you are having a great visit with your daughter & have a great time with you aunt in Vegas.
I have to have wheelchair assistance at the airport, as soon as I book my ticket I call the airline customer service & requst handicap seating & wheelchair at the front door where you drop the bag with the porter.Most the time the service is good.
Sun Country airline is the best, when I offered the gal a tip she said no Irs part of her job.
Good Luck on your trip & let us know when you get back how it went.
Prayers & good thoughts continue.

Donna - dsw

Rhonda - so good to see this update. I am glad you are enjoying your visit with your daughter - I am sure this time is the best gift she could get! Take care - hang in there and ask, take and get all the help you can - -


Hi Rhonda! So very glad to "see you"! Glad to hear about you spending time with your DD. Keep checking in with us here, you've got alot of prayer's & thought's supporting you!:angel Hang in there, stay strong!

H2O babe

Mari -- it's good to hear that you are enjoying some quality time with your family. I hope you enjoy your trip to Vegas. We were there in March and it is possible to let the whirl wind of activity go right on by and just relax. I spent many days down sitting by the pool under an umbrella just relaxing. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.



It's great to hear from you. I don't know how you do it... despite the circumstances, you frequently put a smile on my face. I admire your approach to life. Oh -- definitely use the wheelchair assistance in the airport. We've done this for PizzaBoy after surgeries as walking or standing for long periods of time was painful for him. The only problem is that now he comes to expect it!

Hugs, thoughts, and prayers continue.


Ronda - as always, you seem to give US strength just reading your wonderfully upbeat notes. God bless, dear lady.

Mary Ann