still no yes on my flight over the glaciers



i am beginning to think that none of the co's want my money for the trip over the glaciers in ketchican. i am assured that i am in their book and they ( i dont want to say who ) will contact me when they have an opening. my trip is only 5 weeks away, i would think by now that another single passenger also wanted to get a seat for the day i will be in port. i guess i am the only one who wants to be solo on the 15th of sept for the shore trip. i am just going to hang in a bit longer and if i do not get a reservation set i will have a port day to just shop or maybe get lucky and get a flight when i get off the ship with one of the vendors. i really have no need to worry, this is supposed to be a relaxing vacation right. sorry i just had to vent and now i realize that it might really be nice to have a totally open day for fun as it comes. dusty