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still stumped with skagway tour--need ideas

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by dusty, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. dusty

    dusty Guest

    skagway is the one port that is giving me some trouble. last sept i went with chilkoot tours for the white pass summit tour/gold panning tour and had a great time. this may i am going with a friend who really wants to see the ''' inside of the area ''' with a really good tour that lasts at least 4 to 5 hours. she is not a hiker, wont go on a small plane or helicopter and refuses too do a raft trip. i do not want to rent a car and drive ourselfs ( i am on vacation and dont like to drive where i dont know where i have been before ) and she wont ride a horse.. if i were going by myself anyone of these would be fine, but she is a fun older lady who is not as asventuraous as i am.

    so, who has some ideas for a half day tour that will be fun and give us some good historical value. we will be on the carnival spirit.

    i say we go up the mountain on the train and come back down on the bus. or we take the yukon sunday drive tour from the ship. has anyone done one of these tours and how was it. a local tour group that does a good tour like one of these would be fine also if we knew who too choose.

    please help me as our time is running out and i am going crazy trying to get in a great tour while we are there. i dont want to miss seeing this great part of alaska and having a fun day.
  2. Dale

    Dale Guest

    The driving is about as easy as it can get. I would rent a car. You will see twice as much. Make sure to get to Emerald Lake.
  3. dusty

    dusty Guest

    thanks dale

    i have heard so many great things about emerald lake. it sounds gorgeous. you have given me something to think about.
  4. ute_fan

    ute_fan Guest

    I second the idea of driving to Emerald Lake. The scenery was gorgeous, and the drive was very easy. I think it's the only road out of town, and would be almost impossible to get lost. Also, if you're going early in the year (which it looks like you are), I think there tend to be quite a few bear sightings along the road. Unfortunately we didn't see any, but maybe you will get lucky!
  5. dusty

    dusty Guest


    renting a car is something for us too think about. and it is good to know that there is a slight chance that some bears might be around too be seen. we will have to make up our minds in the next couple of months so we can get our ''' ducks in a row '' as they say.
  6. Night rider

    Night rider Guest

    I agree with going to Emerald Lake. Our family took the Yukon horseback with Southeast Tours which was great. If you arn't into the horseback you can still go in on the Yukon tour.

    The horseback at Emerald Lake was the best we have ever been on. The horses sere very well behaved and exceptionally well kept.. I know you can find them on the Southeast tours site.

    Good luck and have fun.
  7. dusty

    dusty Guest

    thanks everybody for the help with skagway. i would like to see emerald lake and will find out who has a tour there and check it out.
  8. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    I say rent the car and do the drive.
  9. Nurse Nancy

    Nurse Nancy Guest

    Can anyone point me to a site that gives info on Skagway's car rentals??? Thank you!
  10. skagwaypilot

    skagwaypilot Guest

    Try a flightseeing tour... Skagway Air Service offers tours up the Chilkoot Pass or into Glacier Bay. Temsco helicopters has several tours in various price ranges. Of course, some tours may not operate on the day you are in port due to weather.
  11. Night rider

    Night rider Guest

    Hi, I was away but to answer your question about who has the tour at Emerald Lake it is through Southeast Tours and is called the Yukon horseback.. I am sure you will love the tour... good luck...
  12. Hikini

    Hikini Guest

    We took the White Pass Yukon Railroad trip last June and really enjoyed it. It's about $95-100 per person and lasts about 3 hours I think. The narrator we had on our train was a hoot. He gave lots of history lessons and made them comical. I was just watching our videos last night, of the train ride, so it's funny I should find your post today.

    Feel free to ask, if you have any questions.


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