Sting Ray City



We're going to stop at Grand Cayman and want to go to Sting Ray City sandbar. There's a few non-swimmers in our group so they want the boat as close as possible to the sandbars and I've been reading that it depends on the boat and tour company.

We're currently deciding between Moby Dick's or Island Marketing (Hannibals). Does anyone have experience with either of these or others that get close enough?



Try "Shore Trips" we always use them when available. You will not be in a huge group. You will not be disappointed.


We have used Shoretrips and went on a large hulled cat. It was really great service and there were probably 18-20 of us on board compared to the ship's tours of 100+. Both Moby Dicks and Captain Marvins get rave reviews from other cruisers. We went to Stingray city with our daughter when she was a very petite 7 year old and she was fine. The water is supposedly 3-5 feet, but I have been there 3 times and always have had it up to my waist or so--I am 5'2".


We used Captain Marvin's and it was the best excursion we have ever been on. There were 7 of us in our party and we had 2 children (aged 9 and 6) at the time. They got of the boat and swam for a little bit with the stingrays (it's only a few feet deep) but then they got tired and were able to rest safely on the boat while the rest of us stayed with the stingrays. The boat wasn't that far away so the adults would take turns checking on the kids and making sure they were okay. We were not concerned with safety at all. One of the employees was on the boat the whole time with the kids. Then we stopped to snorkel at a reef and again, they kids were able to stay on the boat.

Oh and there were only a total of 10 of us on the excursion. We didn't have to wait and the Captain Marvin's employees were wonderful. One stayed on the boat while the other got in the water and told us all about the stingrays.

I highly recommend Captain Marvins.


Another vote for Capt Marvins. Been a few years since I did their excursion but we were so happy with it. Cant say enough good about them, they treated us very well. :thumb

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I used Captain Marvin's last month. They are excellent. Nice boat, small group, keeps you away from the huge crowds but always where the action is. Stingray City Can't be missed. Waist deep water, warm, and a once in a lifetime experience to handle the rays!
No need for life jackets on non-swimmers but the boat has them if you want em.

We had a great time.


I vote for Captain Marvins too. Let the non-swimmers know they do provide comfortable life vest. We did this tour with the kids when they were 3 and 5 and they let them hang on one of the ladders until they felt comfortable floating around. Stingray city was not very deep at all. I could go on all day about how good this excursion was.


Sorry for the intrusion, but I have a quick question....

My bf and I are going on Royal Caribbean this November and it's our first cruise. I'm wanting to do Sting Ray City and 7 Mile Beach. He's kinda worried about getting in with the sting rays. He would be more than happy to go out on the boat with me and go to 7 Mile beach. I'm assuming that they would still charge us the full amount even if he didn't get in the water. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on this matter????



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Another vote for the captain..
as for getting in the water with them, this 'swimming with the rays" has an excellent safety record. and as noted, the water is shallow.
I would suggest water shoes, or regular lightweight cotton tennis shoes. that way you will feel a little more confident about mixing it up with the rays.
But they are amazing, and very used to having people all around them.
This ranks up the top of unforgettable memories.


Done Capt Marvin as well. Good tour, but here's another alternative--captain Crosby. We've used him twice. Really great experience, and he YODELS!;)


I took my mom and kids last year - did a tour with Carnival. Had a great time. I could stand on the sandbar and the water was about up to my chest (I'm 5'10") The kids loved playing with the stingrays and the guides were wonderful. Got some fabulous pictures - and even have the disk too. I definitely would go back and do that tour again and have recommended it to friends that are traveling in that neck of the woods.