Stingray city tour

Family is cruising to Grand Cayman next month and was wondering which tour company to use to go to stingray city...Stingray sailings, Captain Bryans, Capt. Marvins, or Moby Dick Tours. Any opinions?
I have been there twice but I don`t remember the name of the company. I book through HAL
both times. We enjoy every minute of it! I don't think it matters which one.Once you are in the water whats the difference! hope you have a great time.
We sailed on Celebrity and did Capt Marvins. It was good. My husband and I were able to go in the water and our sons stayed onboard. The sting rays were a little bigger then they expected! They were very nice/professional. Had a photographer onboard that took our photos under water. I can't remember how much we paid but they mailed the cd to us about a week after. We would do it again :)