Checking to see who the favorite stingray companies are..I am thinking of Sotos for a trip in March..need to decide and sign up..hope we aren't to late.

Any comments welcome.


We booked with Nativeways for our cruise in March....I have heard great reviews about them and when I emailed them with questions they responded very promptly.


I used Captain Marvins in Grand Cayman, I had a great time and I highly recommend them. Only 10 people on our boat, staff on the boat were very knowlegable and friendly and much cheaper than an excursion booked with the cruise ship.

Have a great time!

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We were there in Oct. and used this website to book. We had a fabulous time and the captain and his assistant were a crack up. The captain sang songs on the way back in that were his rendition of country caribbean. They have done this for many years and their knowledge showed.
If you want more info. please feel free to e-mail and I can try and help.

here is the website


There are so many reputable companies that offer the sting ray tours, any of them will give you a great time (I used Capt Marvins). So my advice is, use a local tour company instead of taking the cruise line tour. We had about 10-12 people on our boat, but saw the cruise line tours when we got there... over 100 on those boats! Very crowded, a lot of wasted time. A local company is the way to go, the service is great, and you will enjoy having less people, including when they take you to the other snorkeling stops.


Allow me to offer an alternative viewpoint. At GC, you are tendered to the port. If you book an early excursion thru the ship, you will be the first off the ship. You are gonna spend a few more bucks this way but you are talking about having at least an hour head start over other passengers on the ship. This is a big deal when you are only there for 6 or 7 hours, Both times we have done this, we were on a very uncrowded boat to the sand bar, maybe 20 people on a 40 foot cat, and were the first ones there. 50 or so stingrays swarmed to our boat. We had them to ourselves. By the time we left, 15 or more boats shared those 50 stingrays. I do not condone the ship sponsored excursions but if/when I return to GC, I will book an early tour thru the ship again. It is the way to go at that port.


Good point... Ive been to Grand Cayman twice, and didnt have a tender delay either time but I've read that A LOT have had this problem in this port. Stopping there again on our next cruise later this year... and reallllyyy hoping my luck holds out!

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we did the ship tour booking for the Sting Ray city tour..only 20 people on our boat and tons of rays was the best .I was there 10 years ago with the same cruise line and same experience..You pay a little more had a great time and when we left it started to get crowded..So for the extra few bucks we had the time of our lives!!!..:)..enjoy.. :daisy..Joanne

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Just got back from Grand Cayman and Soto's tour and it was the highlight of our cruise they did a great job, picked us up right at the pier nice vans had about 20 people on our boat. One of the crew members went down to the reef and was able to lure out an 6 foot eel and feed it my kids loved it. They also did a nice job at stingray city really worked with the stingrays and educated us too. Can't say enough about Sotos!!!!!

For $24.00 for adults and 18.00 for kids under 12, great price!! Cruise ship we were on wanted $58.00 per person.

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We went through Captain Marvin's and had a great time. $34 for one snorkeling stop and Stingray City. We had 13 people on our boat.

Here's what the people on the cruise ship got for $65. I took this picture myself:

On the Norwegian Wind they mixed the tenders between people on excursions and people with tender tickets. We arrived in port at 8:30 and were cleared to start tendering right at 9:00. They were very clear not to pick up your tender tickets until you were ready to get off the ship because once you picked up your tickets the wait was not very long before your number was called. They were right. We waited less than 15 minutes from the time we walked to the ticket line until we were boarding a tender, and we were on the island by 9:30.


I have a tender question. We arrive in port at 10 A.M. If I book a tour that begins at 11:30, will I have time to get tendered to the pier and make the excursion? I've never done this before and don't know what to expect.


I went with Sotos and they were the best. Small group and great guides!!! I would go with them again.



Its hard to answer that question. Both times Ive been to Grand Cayman, we have tendered in with no problems. I had a 11:00 Atlantis sub tour booked (not through the ship, independently) and we had plenty of time. Then we did the stingrays later on. However, I have heard many say that ships tours get off first, and if you have an independent tour you get stuck getting off the ship last. Maybe this is with certain cruise lines (both mine to GC were on Princess). So I wish I had a certain answer for you, unfortunately I do not. I would THINK you should be ok with that time (provided the port isnt cancelled all together due to rough seas, which is another topic), but please dont hold me to it. Oh, you may want to consider changing to a later tour if its for snorkeling. One reason being the uncertainty with the tender time.... also, if you snorkel early in the day, you spend the rest of the day either wearing or carrying your wet clothes and sporting swimmers-hair. Thats why we did the sub tour early, then the stingrays in the afternoon. Its not as easy here to run back to the ship to freshen up like it is when you are docked. Good luck!

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I was in GC in september and we booked with Capt Marvins... they were great and they also stopped at two other snorkling spots and they got two morey eels to come out of the reef... we had a great time and it was much cheaper than the cruiseline...