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Stonehenge After Hours

Discussion in 'Europe' started by trixi, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. trixi

    trixi Guest

    Tour company Evans and Evans (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) list a tour that allows you one hour among "the stones" after the general public has left. Has anyone taken a similar tour? Opinions, please.
  2. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    Never taken such a tour...BUT...
    We did get held up at Heathrow...thank you, Swiss Air ...for lost luggage (which they eventually delivered to me three days later in Mold, North Wales...(and Mold is what I must have smelled like after wearing the same clothes for three days)...

    Anyway, we got to Stonehenge "after closing"...You drive up, turning right off the main motorway and there's a parking lot on your right...there's a guard there, putting up a sign which reads "Stonehenge closed"...

    Amazing since it sits out there on Salisbury Plain, out in the middle of nowhere...
    But, it is surrounded by a "cyclone" wire fence...

    So, we parked the car off on a side street and walked back along the fence, taking pictures from, over and through the fence...You can actually get close enough to get decent pictures, you just have to shoot around the impediment...

    Well, during this adventure, we never saw any tour groups being let into the enclosure...So, I wouldn't know what this tour entails...

    Funny thing is...I've seen acouple of other folks pictures of Stonehenge since...and both of these folks obviously took their shots all through the fence as well!!!
  3. Sandy R

    Sandy R Guest

    We had friends that did the tour you mentioned. They said it was almost mystical, that they were able to walk among the stones, take photos close up. My husband and I saw Stonehenge during the day and, although we weren't able to get within arm's reach of the stones, we weren't that far away and there were very few people on the day we went.
  4. neviboy

    neviboy Guest

    In 1945 it was decided to shoot a film called "Desert Victory" . It concerned the battles in N.Africa which comenced at Tobruk with an artillery barrage. Since I was stationed in the Royal Artillery barracks near Stonehenge, it was my unfortunate luck to spend 3 nights in tents about half a mile from the bloody stones, and fire guns for 2 hours from 9p.m.-midnight. each night.!!! So don't feel bad about it being closed at night. If you have the time, spend an evening in a pub in Salisbury or Amesbury, but don't get stoned.
  5. sam2000

    sam2000 Active Member

    I haven't heard of that tour, but I suppose if they offer it you wouldn't be alone after all.

    We're taking an afternoon tour where you leaave London at 1 pm, take the 2 hour bus ride there, spend about an hour at Stonehenge then take the 2 hour ride back. Home by 6 pm. It might sound like a waste of time but it is the only tour that is not an all day tour. It is with Premium tours. All the other tours take in Windsor Castle or the Bathes, etc.

    Depends where your interests are.
  6. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you noticed, but that thread is from January 2003--seven and a half years ago!!!

    I just tried the link and it's long gone...

    We'll actually be returning to Stonehenge in a week or two...
    We're driving by as we go from Heathrow to Falmouth a week from tomorrow...but we'll probably skip it that day and visit the day before our cruise when we need to get from Poole to Southampton...
  7. angelfly

    angelfly New Member

    what is the point of this tour? is it supposed to be more private and spiritual?
  8. bob

    bob Chief Engineer Staff Member

    As old as this thread is I would consider it resurrection................

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