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Stop in Key West on Fascination-shuttle?



Was wondering how we get into town from the ship? Heard that it docks at the navy pier and a shuttle HAS to take us into town. Where do they drop us off? And am assuming we would meet back at that spot to get the shuttle back to the ship? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.


Yep, you are right, free shuttles will pick you up at the pier and give you a brief tour of the areas of interest along the route into town. You will end up at the conch train depot at the corner of Duval and Front St. Just about everything is within walking distance from this point. When ready to return to the ship, you catch the shutlle from the same location. They usually run every 15 or 20 minutes. Key West is a favorite of mine, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

kathy vicchiollo

best port......you'll love it. its only a mile wide so you can walk everywhere