Stray kitten update



I don't know if I am making progress or not. She has avoided the cat carrier like the plague since the raccoon stuck his nose in it, but she does clean up and nap on the porch after she eats.

Know what broke my heart? Yesterday after she ate and cleaned up, she laid down and purred. I was inside so I couldn't hear her, but you could tell watching her body vibrate. I guess she was that happy just to be full.

She still will not let me on the porch, but if I come to the front door and stand or sit quietly, she will stay. And a new thing, if I call kitty kitty, she meows back at me. Not just meow, but meeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwww several times. Not sure if this is good or not. I have some leftover chicken for her, I am going to try to lure her up there with me on the porch.

Trouble is, I don't know if I will be able to keep her. She is going to need shots, cleaning, ear mite treatment, flea and mite dip, flv test and neutering before I can even let her in, if the park allows me to keep her. No way I can afford all that. I am thinking about the rescue orgs, telling them I am on SSD, to see if they offer a discount.

All depends, too, if we bond when I finally get to touch her.

Some new photos, remember these are thru the glass so they are not the best. Look at the one walking away from the camera, it looks like she has tar on her legs. Maybe it is just dirt, but it worries me.



I'm glad you are being kind to her. So many people are so cruel to animals, it breaks my heart.


Thanks for the update, Connie. She looks MUCH healthier to me than she did in those first photos. I can't tell what's on her legs/paws.

Just out of curiosity, if I may ask, about how much do the vets in your area charge for all the tests you mentioned?

I hope she'll warm up to you. Sounds like progress is being made. Please keep us posted.


I have not called any vets yet, I need to do that. The vet I used to have before I moved worked with a rescue group that I fostered a cat for. He did the work at no charge for them. They charged me a very little fee to alter my stud cat when we quit breeding.

They never sent me any paperwork on the cat I fostered, even after I asked if I could just keep her. So when a friend of mine asked for her, I gave her to them. When I talked to them about neutering another cat of mine a year or so later, then they realized they had never finished their part, and got really angry with me for giving the cat away without their permission. So, going thru them is not an option.

I am figuring with all the work that needs to be done on her,2 to 3 hundred at least. Hopefully I can get her to the purebred rescue org. and see if they will help me.

I still don't know if they did it free if I could keep her, tho, depends on her health and if we bond. If she is indeed a female, I have not had good success with female Siamese. Ours always preferred my son, while the males were mine. All except for my last Siamese kitten, which we kept instead of selling. She didn't like anybody!

And I have to consider Maxie. He is rough when he plays, not mean, just hyper. I don't know how Scoots would react. He loves to cuddle with Maxie, but Maxie doesn't like it too often.


:angel You are an angel to look out for the poor cat. I agree that some
humans can be SO rotten. it is not as if any animal asks to be ill=treated.

At our home we believe in Karma... what goes around come around.
These are the first photos I have seen: looks like a youngish cat.

Keep us posted,please. :thumb


i would love to keep that cute new kitty but my current kitty might use her for target practice or eat for a snack. i got one kitty to much already.


I'm a dog person, but the kitty is cute. Right now, my 14yr old pup is asleep by my feet, he doesnt like to be alone much anymore. When I make my lunch at night, he's right there with me awaitin for a treat. He gets an oreo cookie, then when i come in to get on the computer, within a couple of minutes, he wanders in and goes to sleep.



I am guessing, but I think she is about 2-3 months old. She is very dirty from living under my shed. The pad it is on is concrete, but there is mud all around she has to crawl through to get under there.

I am beginning to wonder, too, if I can handle another animal with my health problems. Tackling the litter boxes is becoming a huge job. And cleaning the cat hair! If anything happens to me, I already have to worry about someone taking Maxie and Scooter.

My son had just asked me to take in one of his cats who has a behavior problem. I had just told him no I couldn't when this one showed up!

I haven't seen her since yesterday afternoon, it was very cold last night and I hope she kept warm under the shed.


Connie, My parents had a stray they were feeding outside that was so scared and would run away when they neared. She was about 4 or 5 months old. They caught her in a borrowed Humane trap and had the works done to her. Spay, declaw, wormed, shots, mites. It was pricey, but they could afford it. They brought her home and kept her in a large dog cage while she recouperated for about a week. By that time the kitty trusted them and was let out to roam free in their house. The kitty absolutely adores my Dad and she is the light of their lives. So there is hope for *wild* cats. (and yours is even younger)

I rescued 2 kittens from outside as well. I went to the local Humane shelter and got vouchers there for discounted spay/neuter for rescued/abandoned kitties, to be preformed at the local vets that are contracted to accept the vouchers. Many vets around here have a package deal with vaccinations as well. You could ask the Humane Society or A.D.O.P.T. for a low income fee or info on somewhere you can go.

Maybe you could give her to a shelter (who will get her vetted up, so to speak) and foster her back in your home?

Judging by the way you love your kitties I would think that she would have an excellent home with you.

She's pretty cute!


:angel What gets to me that a person who does choose to help a cat or an
animal in need of help, has wants themselves. Like they might have health
and money problems. But often these people are the only ones to step up.

I hope this will work out for both of you.:thumb