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study about Princess Cruises



Hello Everyone,
I am a student in Switzerland doing my B.A. Honours Degree and I
would like to do a research on customer satisfaction on Princess
Cruises. Please Anyone who would like to help me and have been on
Princess ship (or planning to go), send me any e-mail with your e-mail address and which
ship you have been to, and how many times. Or which ship you are planning to go.
I preciate all your help.
Best regards,
Mici Macka

Maria Diaz

Maria Diaz

Sea Princes, Western Caribbean, April, 1998
Grand Princess, Mediterranean, June, 1998
Grand Princess, E. Caribbean, April, 1999
Sun Princess, Panama Canal, April, 2001

We have cruised on Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, and Princess is our favorite. Unfortunately the Grand Princess and the Golden Princess are still doing the exact same Mediteranean itinerary, that we did in June of 1998, therefore we are thinking about taking Celebrity or Royal Caibbean next Summer.

Good luck with your research.

Maria Diaz


I just came back from a cruise on the Ocean Princess, and I would not recommend Princess cruise lines. I was not satisfied with them at all. I thought cruising would be a nice experience but it was terrible!

Some other people on the ship that I talked to who had taken a cruise before did not have much or any good things to say about Princess Cruises. But Carnival Cruises keep coming up alot with them and trips to the Carribean, and Mexican Riviara.

But it still seems that there is nothing really special about any of the ships. It seems the fun portions are being on land, and shopping. On board, its the weather is nice, the swimming pools / hot tubs, and the food. But the food on the Ocean Princess was way below my expectations, from the way people talk about the great food and buffets on cruise ships.

Princess did have any info that they would send me before the trip, except buying their videos. (Which I wound up with after the cruise, cause they said it was about the different ports that we visited and a special added segment on the glaciers). But it was the video they try and sell you prior to the cruise and its just a covered sales pitch about Princess Cruise Lines.

The cruise lines and travel agents are all working to get more money, more money. But no one wants to tell the truth! When I tried to find out what the weather would be like, no one tells the truth. It was raining almost everyday. I don't mind the rain, but it would have been nice to know that it does rain more days than it is dry. That way you can be prepared. And the things that you find yourself needing after you have got on a ship a very very expensive or they don't carry. Like the rain gear. Little paper plastic ponchos that aren't full length they want to charge an arm and a leg for it.

My camera equipment was stolen out of my room. The staff was no help. The photo shop did not carry any batteries, chargers, and did not have any to rent or buy. Things in the photo shop were at minumum, twice the price that you would pay if you bought it in a store on land. And no one was any help about shops or places at the port stops. After we had got back on board from our first port stop, I found out from another passenger that there were some shuttle bus that took here into the regular town shopping area. I could have gotten replacement camcorder, photo supplies, stockings, and rain gear there. I think that would be helpful if the staff let people know or could answer your questions when you asked; and some of the staff told me they have made this cruise quite a few times, but they did not seem to know much.

Princess seemed to have a monopoly on the land trips and activities. Cause the transportation busses for an activity may be with the same company, but there they were seperated as to whether you bought a ticket on board or at the dock. And the crew did not seem to know where their particular land excursion and shuttle buses were located. I almost missed a couple of trips because of the crew giving me the wrong information. And then they don't want to give you a refund. They plan activities poorly, they don't give you enough / important information. If you don't cancel your activity before 10:00 am the day before the activity, your loss, they don't refund, even if the weather is inclimate. But they don't tell you that before hand. I booked activities according to the schedule time that we would be in port that they sent me before the cruise. But we were not in port at those times. One stop we got in very early, another stop we got in later than the schedule, and another port stop they changed the times and we were only in port for a couple of hours. And if you don't asked a couple of people the same question and compare the answers and check the little small hidden signs that were sometimes posted, you are going to miss the boat or something.

I don't know if the other cruise lines do a better job or not, but there should be a special brouchure or tape or persons to help prepare, infor and answer questions truthfull (not the car salesman, real estate broker sweet talk sales pitch).

I am really unhappy with Ocean Princess Cruise Lines, they sugar coated their ship, crew, the travel experience and it was not the "Love Boat" they claim to be. And for the price you pay to take a cruise, why aren't the little small things already included. I can see paying extra for alcoholic drinks but $1.50 for soda pop and sometimes the staff would pour out of a 12 ounce can and take the rest. So you only got about 4 ounce cause they would fill the cup with lots of ice. And they charged for water, $2.75 it was more than soda pop and almost half the cost of some of the alcoholic drinks. But they don't tell you this either before you take a cruise. They said no tipping, it was automatically added to your bill. But they tipped the room cleaning staff $3.50 a day per person per room, and the wait staff $6.50 per day per person. (I wound up eating in the buffet cafe, cause they had an excuse every time I went to eat in the big dining rooms. So the cost of buying "personal choice" dinning it not worth it. Cause you can't dine when you want to in those dinning rooms even though they said I did not need to make a reservation.

Well I have a lot more to say, but this just bums me out. Princess Cruise Lines S-U-C-K-S !!!! And if you are looking to work on aboard one. Don't. They seem to work the crew 16 to 20 hours a day. Quite a few of the crew complained to me about Princess Cruises work schedule.

Well you can e-mail at merryland50@hotmail.com if you have any questions. I wish I had known about cruise addicts.com before I went. But I have not seen anything posted about Ocean Princess either.


I have only been on the Sun Princess and enjoyed it very much. Food in the dining room was great but I was not impressed with the buffet. Service was always good. The Sun Princess is a beautiful ship with several lounges in the atrium area where you can listen to good music. Enjoyed Verde's pizza cafe and room service.

We are not into a lot of activities and so I cannot comment on that. We were pleased with our shore excursions and the price was reasonable. I found a variety of ages on this ship. We cruise to relax and enjoy the ship and the ocean. And we will definitely cruise Princess again.

The Sun Princess is a smaller ship compared to the Grand and the Golden and I am not interested in sailing on either of these because they seem too big. We also like a "private" balcony cabin and the new ships have plenty of balconies however they are not private. The balconies are tiered so that you can look down onto the balconies below. I think Princess made a mistake on this issue.

Princess embarkation is super. If you register all of your infomation on line at the Cruise Personalizer. Once you check in (which is quick) you are allowed to board the ship right away.

Sorry that Lynn had such an unpleasant experience. I would hate to have anything stolen from my cabin. We try to keep all valuables in the safe. Regarding booking shore excursions I was aware that I needed to cancel within a certain amount of time or lose my money. I don't know why you weren't advised of this. Regarding costs of soda. I believe most cruise lines charge for this and you will see many cruisers complain about this very issue. We resolved this by bringing our own on board. Yes items(necessities) in the gift shop just like they are in a hotels gift shop. Regarding working hours of the crew. Yes they work long, hard hours but they are aware of this when they sign their contracts. The crew is not forced to take these jobs and the income provided (which is mostly from tips) provides them with a better living for their families than a job in their homelands. Tips on Princess go into a tipping pool so that those that don't have one on one contact with a lot of passengers will be given an equal portion. I feel $10. per day is a fair tip to have someone clean my cabin twice each day, keep the ice bucket full, and cook and serve my meals. We did not eat all of our meals in the dining room but DH and I both tipped room service and the $10 per person per day for the entire cruise.

A lot of problems can be prevented by doing some research before booking a cruise and a good travel agent will be able to advise on shore excusions, the weather, tipping etc. My travel agent even sent us a video of our ship prior to sailing at no charge. This was very helpful. Websites such as this one will also provide a wealth of information.
I believe you will find more positives about Princess Cruise lines than negatives.


What a difference a ship makes! I had the exact opposite on the Dawn! Also, we left our vid cam under the table on the last dining evening and it was turned into the Purser's desk! PHEW! I feel terrible that you had such a bad time in Alaska Lynn, our weather was fantastic, only rained a little bit and not for long..it was sunny 5 out of the 7 days for some time during the day and 4 days were sunny for about 6 hours...we had fantastic service, the food was great and the people were all helpful...I guess I am happy we went on the Dawn!

Good Luck next time and don't let this affect your idea of cruising unless you have already decided you don't like it, I booked on the same ship a week after my last cruise! I wished I would have done it on board!



Lynn's review sounded so different that any others I have heard about. So I checked out the Ocean Princess's reviews. Of the 17 posted they ranged from rave reviews to 'would recommend'. Lynn, if your review is on the level, I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience.


Not to stir the pot, but all of the things Lynn metions are basics in your pre-cruise research. Princess has FREE color brochures available from them directly or from any local travel agent which includes all sorts of information. They also have a Website. It's common sense to take a rain jacket with you on vacation, anywhere. The tipping was added to her "bill" just as she mentioned, so I dont see the problem there. Who can predict the weather like she expected? Cancellation policies ARE printed when you make reservations. And if you book through the ship, they do tell you where to go and what time. If you book an independent tour, then its obviously your responsibility to get all the info from that tour company, you cant expect Princess to have that info. The charge for the water she mentioned is bottled water, ever see free bottled water?? She didnt pay extra for the Personal Choice dining... and what excuse could be given every night to drive her away from the main dining room?? As far as her camera equipment being stolen, that is unfortunate and I would be upset too. However, Princess did provide her a safe in the room. Any of her questions could have been answered by her travel agent ahead of time. Any of you who have cruised before will understand what Im saying.


My wife and I have sailed on Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess. Princess is the best in our eyes. The service was superior to the others and the food was better as well. The drink prices are about the same on all cruiselines so that was not a factor. I agree with others that most things mentioned above could be avoided by doing your homework. We are planning a trip on the Star Princess in the spring.



I'm sorry Lynn that you had such a bad experience. I personally can't wait to cruise on the Star Princess. I have heard good things about the Princess lines, but the bottom line is that "crusing is what you make it to be". No vacation is ever perfect, but my mind is set that I will have a blast on my next cruise, and I'm confident that I will.



I have to say that I agree with everyone else's posts regarding Lynn's experience. I have cruised both Carnival and Princess, and am planning to cruise on Princess again soon because for me it is a perfect fit.

Regarding having to tip although she did not eat in the dining room, the literature that Princess sends out prior to your cruise and on their website they make it very clear that you can alter the amount you tip by simply going to the purser's desk.

Lynn, I'm sorry your experience was bad but I think before you take anymore vacations at all you need to do your homework to figure out what is going on and if the trip is actually a good fit for you.



Our very 1st cruise was 2 yrs ago on the Grand Princess & I must tell you that our experience with Princess was exactly the opposite of Lynn's. We are pop drinkers & each time we got a can of pop the waiter poured it into our glass & then left the can--NEVER did the waiter take the can until later when it was completely empty. This was our 1st cruise & all crew members were more than willing to answer questions & if by chance did not know the answer found out & got back to us. Don't know what kind of problem would cause her to have to eat at the buffet every night instead of the dining room & the personal choice does not cost extra. Everyone knows that if you have something of value you do not just leave it laying around somewhere--car, hotel room or cruise ship,etc. If this post is on the up and up I don't think Lynn would be happy on any cruise line.


Our first cruise was on the Golden March 30. Had such a fabulous time we booked the Dawn less than a week after we got back. Would definitely recommend Princess to anybody! Can't wait for the Dawn in February!

Charles Abrams

We just returned from a 13 day Princes Cruise/Tour on Ocean Princes. We considered everything great. Even the weather. Just a few sprinkles in Fairbanks. And a bright sunny day in Ketchican where it rains over 200 days of the year! The only complaint we had was the terrible handling of the baggage retrival at Vancouver Airport. A two hour wait with standing room only! Nearly missed our flight because of this.

Barnacle Bill

I can't believe the story Lynn told about her experience with Princess. We have tried other cruise lines but prefer Princess. We have never had a bad experience that was worth complaining about or getting upset about to the extent that it we would let it ruin our vacation. All cruise lines, except the higher end ones, charge for pop and bottled water. Try one of the new megaships and see how many things they charge extra for nowadays. As for the tipping, we don't like the tip pool concept as it rewards the less stellar performers. On the other hand it is a fair process. We don't find the gratuity rates unusual. Heck I tip the pizza delivery guy $5.00 and half the time the pizza is cold! We always tip extra for the people that have made that extra effort. For us Princess suits us just fine. The crew are always helpful and attentive. We have booked the Star princess for next spring and expect we be happy cruisers once again!


I have cruised on the Regal Princess, Sea Princess and on Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Sea. My favorite cruise line is Princess. I love the decor of their ships, which is classy and elegant. I absolutely love the Promenade deck -it's a wrap-around deck for walking. I love to walk when at sea. Princess' food and buffets are always good. They usually have the best itineraries. And they have embarkation/debarkation down to a science. Their ships are always clean (something the Rhapsody of the Seas was not).
And I love their entertainment choices. Their production shows are terrific and their ships have a movie theater. I do think Princess charges more than Royal Caribbean for their shore excursions, making money on them, however, they do have a good selection of shore excursions. Hope this helps.
- Colleen


Sorry to see Lynn had such a bad time. I do believe some of it was do to her having a bad agent or not doing research. The agent could have provided more information on the ports or Lynn could have done like we did our first trip to Alaska and gone to a book store or library and gotten information on Alaska if she was not familiar with cruise boards. Everything I ever read on cruising Alaska suggested bringing rain gear.

As far as the camera theft it is a shame that her things were taken but that can happen in a hotel or at home also. I see no reason to feel safer about theft when you are on a cruise.

Lynn I am sorry you had a bad time but if you decide to cruise again please do more research to find a cruise right for you and please take the same precautions for your things that you would if you were on a land trip.


Of the three lines we've cruised so far, Norwegian, Royal Carib and Princess, our new personal favorite is Princess, and maybe today, I'll have confirmation that we'll be on the Star Princess for our fourth annual holiday cruise!

To me, "customer satisfaction" on a cruise means I received what I expected to receive--or better--for the amount paid. I have been satisfied with NCL. I have received "better" with RCI. And with Princess, I received "a lot better!" Everyone in our group, ages 9 to 69, felt the Dawn Princess on-board staff wordlessly conveyed to passengers the message that it was their job to make sure we were enjoying our cruise. With few exceptions, the staffers were friendly, helpful and quite professional in the performance of their duties. We're not demanding at all, but on the occasion when we made a request or expressed dissatisfaction, the responding staffer could not have been more pleasant, prompt and dedicated to making sure our concern was addressed and we were pleased with the result. I came away thinking the on board management was doing an excellent job of training and supervising the staff.

Nicholas Bontempo

My wife and I completed a 12 day to Alaska on the "Sky Princess" and found it to be a very enjoyable cruise line. We have booked a 10 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera leaving from Los Angeles with five ports of call starting on 27 September 2002 on the "Sun Princess". The daytime entertainment was OK. Evening was very good. I would not hesitate to book again on Princess Cruise Line.


Hi Mici:

Well, on November 30 I will be going on the Sea Princess and this will be my first cruise on this cruise line. I've been on Chandris Cruises (2), Royal Caribbean (2), Costa Cruises (5), Carnival (3), Celebrity Cruises (2). All the cruises are been great but the only cruise line I dont like to much is Carnival. I hope not to be disappointed on my Princess cruise.



We have been on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, & Princess. Princess is our favorite line. We have never had a "bad" cruise on any ship. I expect to have a great time each time and always have. I think the ship is the destination and look forward to exploring each new one. They just keep getting bigger & better! The ports-of-call are a side benefit, in my opinion. Nice to brag to friends & relatives about the places we've seen! Star Princess on 11/16/02!

Jubilee 10/86
Original Star Princess 2/94
Celebration 2/96
Sun Princess 10/97
Monarch of the Seas 9/98
Dawn Princess 12/99
Destiny 10/01
Star Princess 11/02
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