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I feel inclined to give my thumbs up for Princess. My husband and I are in our early 30s and have been 5 cruises (4 with Princess & 1 with Carnival). Next year we are going on our 6th cruise with none other than Princess. We have traveled a lot but have found cruising to be our best fit. Our last cruise was with Carnival. The events on Princess are predictable (trivia, golfing, champaign waterfall, lobster tail on formal night, etc.) What we found was that Carnival has similar events but without the personal touch. Princess is heads and shoulders above Carnival in our boat (or is it ship?)

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I think some of Lynn's relatives had lunch with us on the Golden Princess. To them, nothing about our last cruise was right.

We had personal choice dining for the first time. We had to wait for a table one night out of six. We brought our own water bottles and refilled them as necessary. This was our first time in an inside cabin in many years. It's nice that Princess has refrigerators and TVs in even them. Maybe the other cruise lines have added them as well, but I remember the first time we had a refrigerator was in a deluxe outside cabin on RCI's Sovereign of the Seas. We did not have one in our cabins on the Carnivale, Seaward, or Nordic Empress.

We're booked already for the Star Princess for Alaska next summer. I already know to take warm clothes and rain gear--just like we did for last month's cruise to New England and Canada. Fortunately, we did not need the rain gear except for one day--the last one of our cruise in Newport.

Rick & Jenny

In addition to sailing on Princess, We've sailed on the old Royal Viking Line and a real for @!&^%!! line, Regency Cruise Line. Regency went BK shortly thereafter which did not surprise anyone. We've been on an original Princess ship (loveboat size/class), the Island Princess through the canal back in the 80's. In the last year, we've been on the Sea Princess and the Star Princess. We are booked in January on the Dawn Princess.
We cannot say enough good things about the condition of their ships, the food, entertainment, and the courteous service we've received on our two most recent cruises. We think Princess Cruise Lines gives you exceptional quality and value for your cruise buck. We absolutely enjoyed being on the Sea Princess. It was impeccably maintained from stem to stern. The crew and service, particularily in the dining room, was superb from the start to finish. SAIL ON THE SEA PRINCESS ANYTIME YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO. IT IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST...EVERYTHING!!!!!!
We were on the Star Princess in March for one of its maiden West Coast cruises. The service was not up to the standards we experienced on the Sea Princess. Nor did we like the larger sized ship and its layout as much. The design of the buffet area left much to be desired. It was in the aftward and seemed very enclosed compared to the forwardly placed, very open Horizon Buffet on the Sea Princess with its panoramic views looking forward.
In my opinion, the dropoff in the quality of the service we experienced on the new Star Princess can be attributed to the fact the the new ship's staff had not yet thoroughly melded together. Howver, we do have one very sharp criticism of the Star Princess. We found their dining room Maitre D's to be very unfriendly, unwilling to extend themselves to service and properly seat us for dinner, and they were just plain officious at times. They would even get bent out of shape when we would arrive at the appointed hour (4pm sharp) for tea and we'd request to be seated at an empty table by a window rather than being seated by their preferred sequentially arranged seating method.


We chose Princess for our first cruise simply because they had a ship, the Sea Princess, leaving the right day to fit our schedule. I wasn't sure I'd enjoy the cruise when I booked it, but I knew that this was something Margarett would really enjoy. By the end of our trip, I was the one who had to be dragged off under protest.

We booked our second cruise with Princess while on board the Sea Princess. I nearly cancelled that trip, and I'm so glad I didn't. It went far beyond my high expectations, so for anyone who can swing it, I highly recommend Royal Princess. It's amazing to see how the ships have evolved, and maybe not always for the better.

Our third cruise will also be with Princess.