stupid question: what's Las Ramblas



A district? A street? Everything I read says its an interesting area . . . I want to stay nearby where the ship will be docked. TIA


Pal, Las Ramblas is the main shopping district in Barcelona, it stretches at least a mile from the waterfront at the statue of Columbus thru the center of town, not only is las ramblas the heart of the city but radiating out from it for 2 -3 blocks on either side are some very quaint, funky, weird shops.


Actually, Las Ramblas is not the "district" but the street...
It stretches from the Columbus Monument on the South to the Placa Catalunya on the north...

The reason for the PLURAL is that each distinct block along the street has a different name--each is una Rambla de something...each has a distinct character--for example, one has all the flower sellers, another has all the animal sellers...

There is a small one lane motorway on either side and a wide center median for pedestrians in the middle of the street with kiosks, carts and stands...

As far as hotels go, you really want to be somewhere near the northern terminus--the Placa Catalunya...this is really the city center of Barcelona...all of the public transportation uses this as a hub...and it is the square with the most nightlife and activity...

Along this square are, among other things, El Corte Ingles, Barcelona's massive department store--buy your bottled water and munchies in the supermarket in the well as McDonalds' , Hard Rock Cafe and numerous other eateries...

Two great Gaudi works--the Casa Battlo and Casa Mila are only a short walk north of the Placa...and a bus (#24, if memory serves) takes you directly from the Placa to Park Guell...

The neighborhood just to the North and Northeast of the Placa is called the Eixample and is one of Barcelona's more modern sections and has many excellent hotels...

Good luck...


Actually, sorry to disagree, but Las Ramblas translates into the Trees, which you will understand when you walk down the boulevard. Huge trees line the street, making it the most beautiful street in Spain as well as the most photographed.

Las Ramblas is the easiest place to stay, because thats where all the tourists are. If you want to be more daring, find a book on Barcelona and you may find much better deals and more beauty outside Las Ramblas. But it is a happening area for sure!
Have fun:)


my bad---been two years since i've spoken spanish...forgive me. But one should take notice of the most beautiful trees on that boulevard... nice internet reasearch by the way:)


Also on the Ramblas don't miss the Miró mosaic in the walkway. After having walked over it for two days and looking up searching for it; found it at my feet. Great place to walk, eat and people watch.


Hey there - thanks for the info regarding Las Ramblas. Can't wait to visit Barcelona !

We'll be cruising the Med. this August 6th....we'll be doing a 4-day pre-cruise in Barcelona and a 3-day post-cruise in Paris !

BruinSteve - appreciate your Transatlantic & Mediterranean Cruises review. It was very informative.

All in all, reading these message boards has become a daily essential for me. It will help me make better choices in uncharted territories.

Thanks again.


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Las Ramblas in Barcelona is a large avenue only for walking where are many of local and tourist people talking, watching, with nice stors, restaurants, bars along. You can¨t leave Barcelona without visit Las Ramblas. You can find a lot of Hotels (Le Meridian where I am going to stay pre cruise next Thu) Spanish folklor and night live there. 10 minutes cab to the port (10 o 15 Eur) Ends at Plaza de Catalunya and stars at Colon Plaza where shuttle busses takes you to the ships dock. Regina.


Yes, its worth being careful on Las Ramblas, I had a friend who was robbed whilst eating in Mc Donalds and another friend whose purse was stolen from a backpack whilst waiting at pedestrian lights to croos the road!
So best to be aware


Have a great time. We were in Barcelona for a few days in 2002 and will dock there in Sept (and we'll check out the museum that we missed.) It is a beautiful city. As for pickpockets...we met a woman whose camera was snatched off her shoulder (by a person in a passing car) while she was standing on a sidewalk (If I recall). Anyway, from then on, I wore my camera OVER MY HEAD, not just over the shoulder. There are "Beware of Pickpocket" signs EVERYWHERE in Barcelona, from hotels to gift shops. I assume you know the drill: wear a money belt inside your clothing, etc. (I keep a few euros in a pocket, but that's all!) Then you won't have to worry and you'll have a wonderful trip! JM