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Suggestions for Excursions on Cozumel

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by nschnell, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. nschnell

    nschnell Guest

    The last time we went to Cozumel we went to Tulum and this time we are interested in staying in Cozumel. Any suggestions on fun things to do in cozumel or fun excursions or beach tips? Also, is it best to book with the ship or with the locals?
  2. Grayce

    Grayce Guest

    Cozumel is a great place to do your own thing. There are tons of taxis. I usually do a beach day in Cozumel, catch a cab at the pier. There are quite a few nice beaches.
  3. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

  4. spoheating

    spoheating Guest

    Let's see: Beach day at Playa Mia, Atlantis Sub, day at Chankanaab park (do a royal swim with the Dolphins: arrange this on your own and have smaller group than the ship's), jeep tour of the island, Snorkel tours.
  5. Christoffer

    Christoffer Guest

    Took the fiesta party boat to the Playa Mia beach, what a beautiful beach it was.
    You can also just take the taxi to the beach.
    Have also done the Atlantis sub few years ago, worth to try it.
  6. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    We love to snorkel but last time we were there we tried SNUBA for the first time.
  7. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Our personal favorite here... renting a Jeep and taking off on our own for the day. The island is just the right size for this (not too intimidating) and most ships have a nice long day in port. We have so much fun riding around with the top down, my kids loved it and so did my 80 year old grandmother. We can hit a few beaches, stop at Chankanaab park (not sure of its condition since the hurricanes, I know it sustained a lot of damage), saw the San Gervasio ruins one time, the lighthouse and park at the southern end, stopped at a few local watering holes, shopped, ate, etc. I plan it a little bit before going, just so I dont mess up and run out of time, but its a relaxing day done at my own pace. Get to see what I want, for as long as I want... and drop off my Jeep when Im done.

    Ive also heard good things about the Dune Buggy tours. Dont do this in a rented Jeep though, you actually have to make a reservation with a tour company which uses off-road vehicles. I think most ships offer it and Im pretty sure you can book it privately with a little research (I forget the name of the company I see recommended quite a bit).

    Have fun!
  8. lynbopp

    lynbopp Guest

    We took a taxi ($10) to Chankanaab ($16 entrance fee each + $10 snorkel gear rental) last week and it was absolutely beautiful! The snorkeling was outstanding! A barracuda swam right in front of my mask, but didn't seem interested in tasting any of the snorkelers. Book the dolphin encounter through Chankanaab. It is MUCH cheaper than the cruise line price and I think it includes use of the rest of the park and snorkel gear rental. There are lounge chairs, straw hut umbrellas and waiters who bring you exotic drinks served in watermelons, pineapples, honeydews, etc. Oh, and one more thing, sun screen, sun screen, sun screen!!!
  9. callie08

    callie08 Guest

    I am going on my first cruise in a little less than 4 weeks and we are going to Cozumel. We want to go to Tulum. Did anyone go through someone other than the cruise ship for this excursion? I am just worried about getting back to the ship on time!

  10. We decided to make it a relaxing port so we purchased day passes to a 5 star resort. All inclusive, drinks, water toys, food, beach, pool, etc. It was ONLY $40.00!!!! Can't beat it. Taxi was about $10 each way. Way worth it for a relaxing day with little crowds.

    I booked through Island Marketing, the resort was Wyndham Beach Resort. Wyndham resorts are very nice!

    Buy your duty free alcohol at the port liquor store!!! They send it straight to your ship. Do it when you first arrive though, they cut off at 2pm so they can get it on the ship in time. Great Prices and the only port that will have it.
  11. loly

    loly Guest

    I have heard of San Francisco beach and also another one that is Nachi Cocom, which all day all inclusive beach would be a good one
    to try while in Cozumel?..
  12. sbchevypwrd

    sbchevypwrd Guest

    If you like the beach, to eat and drink? I suggest Playa Mia.. Last June we went there and if you book through your ship and get the Playa Mia w/lunch, it is well worth it.. Last year on Carnival i believe we payed $79.00 per adult. This year it is $69.00 per adult through Royal Caribbean which we well be on next month. Your transportation is provided, all the Mexican food you can eat. ALL YOU CAN DRINK!!!!!!! I drank $79.00 worth the mixed drinks try $79.00 worth the drinks on the ship and see where it gets you....
  13. corkinout

    corkinout Guest

    I agree... been to Playa Mia twice. Drinks ,Food and this year all the beach toys are included.
  14. anjanette

    anjanette Guest

    I have just booked Nachi-Cocom Beach for my excursion,which have received many good reviews on Trip advisor.com for $49 includes your meals,unlimited liquors,beer,soda,and bottled water.It is a Private club that allow 100 guest per day,basically a quiet day at the beach away from the crowd.
  15. hot_tamale

    hot_tamale Guest

    I used tourcozumel.net and went to Mr. Sanchos beach club. For $40 we had all we could eat and drink...our waiter was very attentive, nice chairs that were reserved for us..beautiful place and an unreal day. Also booked the cooking class thru them, did it while dh laid on the beach. It was sooo much fun and later we got to eat the delicious food we prepared. I can't wait to get back; best excursion I have done in all my trips to Coz!
  16. KYboaterz

    KYboaterz Active Member

    does anyone know if they [cruise ships] let you have the alcohol once on board or do they 'hold' it for you until you get back to home port? :shrug: and once back at home port...how to transport it on airplane back home...without breaking...checked bags I assume as they won't let you on board now days with "liquids" would HATE not to get to bring it all the way home with me...I'd be tempted to drink it before boarding the plane :loungelizaed: if I wouldn't be dealthly ill by the time we took off...haha
  17. KYboaterz

    KYboaterz Active Member

    Which cruise line did you sail on? and will they let you have the liquor or make it wait til the last day of the cruise?:thankyou:
  18. clackey

    clackey Active Member

    Hi guys and gals,

    We have done Coz 9 times and the only thing that we have done twice was Chankanaab Park. We like to snorkel and the snorkeling at Chank is about as good as it gets without a boat.

    Loly, you asked about the best AI. I would pick Nachi over San Fransisco. Nachi is exclusive. They take only 100 people so you need to make reservations. San Fransisco is next to Paradise Beach and both get alot of people. You can take a cab to either and walk to the other.

    Callie, If you want to go to Tulum you might want to take the ship tour. You are looking at 30 to 45 minutes on a ferry (one way). I would guess that it is probably 3 or 4 hours of travel time.

    KY, They will take your booze and let you have it when you leave the ship.
  19. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Red, interesting excursion, I just may do the Zip line one day
  20. BrendaBarberee

    BrendaBarberee Well-Known Member

    Cozumel Bar Hop Tour. Fun, fantastic way to see more of the unspoiled side of the island. I've done it twice & had a blast. Can't wait to do it again.

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