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Suggestions for San Juan, St Thomas, Samana & Labadee in July

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by newbiecruising, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. I would love to hear some suggestions for excursions in these ports. I have checked out what the cruise line is offering and it seems like slim pickings to me?

    I have been on cruises to the Western Caribbean and Alaska and was very happy with the excursions that were offered. It will be for myself, hubby and my 16 yr old son.
    We will not be in San Juan until 2pm and stay till 11pm. I love sightseeing and nature tours if possible. I am really not into hours of shopping. I guess I am not the typical woman as far as shopping goes. My hubby loves the water so beach activities would good for the hubby and son.

    Thanks for any help and for any suggestions.

    I guess I should change my login name I am no longer a newbie to cruising,
  2. suer182

    suer182 Guest

    I have never been to Samana.

    Labadee is a private island so any type of tour will have to be booked through the cruise line. Or just enjoy the r&r on the beach. The food is free at lunch but the alcohol and beverages you pay for. (other than ice tea). A group from this board just got back from a RCI sailing that stopped at Labadee


    St. Thomas has some great beaches with jetskiing.

    San Juan if you are docked at the downtown pier you can walk up to the fort.
  3. Sea Critter

    Sea Critter Guest

    I would recommend doing one of the Bio Bay tours in San Juan since you will be there at night. You kayak thru the mangroves to the glowing waters of the bay...awesome trip! The bio bays in PR are some of the best in the world.

    In St. Thomas, I think the best activity is a day sail. The sails take small groups sailing and snorkeling to St. John. You can explore many reefs and beaches most tourists don't have access to!

    -a local
  4. Romana

    Romana Guest

    I can only comment on St. Thomas. Take the boat (I think it's a 1/2 hour trip) to St. John's. You will need to figure out the timing there and back. They have the best beaches!! Take a taxi to Trunk Bay on St. John's it is rated as one of the most beautiful beach in the world. They have a snorkeling trail you can follow and you can rent snorkel gear right there. Also, Waterlemon Bay is also great for snorkeling. 2/3 of the island is natural forest - I went hiking and it was beautiful. I stayed one week on St. John's for my anniversary.
  5. Boyconny

    Boyconny Guest

    If you never been to St.Thomas before I would stay on that Island and do an Island tour. Go to St.John on your next trip.
  6. amistad

    amistad Guest

    I would suggest taking a look at the Coral World website for St Thomas, I did the sea lion swim last year and really enjoyed it. You can catch an open air taxi at the pier and go to Coral World look around at the aquariums, the lorikeets, iguanas and turtles, then you can do the underwater sea trek, a shark encounter, sea lion swim or sea turtle encounter, or snuba. If you want some beach time Coki Beach is right next door, you can walk over and spend the rest of the day there. There are plenty of taxi's there for when you want to head back to the ship so you don't have to worry about missing ths ship.
  7. ElizabethD

    ElizabethD New Member

    Re: Suggestions for San Juan, St Thomas, Samana & Labadee in July

    I can only comment on St. Thomas, we've been there twice now and both times have done a tour through Godfrey. He's fantastic, the first time we used him we did the 3 hour shopping, island tour and beach break and his associate Lewin was our tour guide, fantastic! The second time we skipped the island tour and just shopped and spent the afternoon at Magan's Bay (our choice of beach, the first time we went to Sapphire Beach which was quieter), this time we got to meet the man himself. In both cases the tour was on time, the open air bus always arrived 5/10 mins prior to when it was expected and exactly where we had been told he would be. Highly recommend this tour company!
  8. Jennlovestocruise

    Jennlovestocruise Active Member

    Re: Suggestions for San Juan, St Thomas, Samana & Labadee in July

    what tour company is Godfrey with?
  9. july694

    july694 New Member

    Re: Suggestions for San Juan, St Thomas, Samana & Labadee in July

    If you like history then I would recommend the fort in san juan it is a few block walk from the ship (if my memory seves me) there is a great wall overlooking the sea (u can see the cruiseship from it--great for pics..) you can go into the fort and even the dungeons...I was not into forts or this kinda stuff until i went here, then i was hooked. If memory serves me I think the enterance fee back in 01 was like 4.00 not sure what it would be now.
  10. michelle1836

    michelle1836 Active Member

    Re: Suggestions for San Juan, St Thomas, Samana & Labadee in July

    heading to PR and St Thomas this summer as well. thanks for everyone's input. we are looking to do the bio bay tour on PR but still not sure about st thomas. we were going to do the baths but Carnival canceled that excursion until further notice. the day sails seem like a great trip or sapphire beach
  11. Royalgirl

    Royalgirl New Member

    Re: Suggestions for San Juan, St Thomas, Samana & Labadee in July

    This is another St. Thomas only, but we did the Blackbeard's Castle tour. We did not book it as an excursion even though you could have. We did it on our own. Paid for the taxi driver to drop us off there. Once there, they give you a map and you basically start at the top of a hill at Blackbeard's Castle and then wind your way down through various homes, rum museum, amber museum/shop, 99 Steps, etc. I liked it because for a small admission fee we got to see a lot. There are gorgeous views from the top of the tower (Blackbeards Castle) as well as wonderful gardens, etc. I took my most beautiful pics on that tour. Once at the end of the tour, we had a drink at the little restaurant at the bottom of the hill and took a taxi back to the ship.
  12. Mbandy

    Mbandy Well-Known Member

    Re: Suggestions for San Juan, St Thomas, Samana & Labadee in July

    We sailed on the New Horizons in St. Thomas last time we were there. It was an awesome snorkel trip. One stop off St. Thomas and another at Honeymoon Bay at St. John. That means we got to snorkel in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in the same day.

    This is where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean

    Honeymoon Bay, St. John had some beautiful water.
    We saw some Sea Turtles snorkeling here.
    This house is the residence of the US Park Service Ranger

    It was a great sail 'n snorkel trip.

    Here's a link to their web site.

    Snorkel Adventures : New Horizons

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