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Suite Life

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by purplenorway, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. purplenorway

    purplenorway Guest

    We will be staying in a deluxe verandah suite for the first time and I'm wondering about all the perks that I'm hearing about. Would anyone like to share their experiences?
  2. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    First of all, congratulations on your excellent choice of accommodations!

    The Neptune (Concierge) Lounge is for exclusive use of Suite and Penthouse Suite guests. I find it most convenient. The Concierge can take care of all your reservations for you (shore excursions, Pinnacle Grill, spa/hair salon, etc.). You can register your credit card with her instead of going to the Front Desk. Just a few of her duties. There are snacks in the Lounge all day appropriate to the time of day, a Cappuccino machine that dispenses regular and decaf coffees, espresso, cappuccino, etc. The lounge is a pleasant place to meet fellow guests.

    You'll have complimentary laundry, ironing, dry cleaning.

    Depending upon the amount of time allowed by your itinerary, there's usually an Officer's party, Suite luncheon (and sometimes dinner).

    You'll have preferential tender use at those ports where you anchor.

    Depending on the ship, you have exclusive use of the King's or Queen's Room in the Dining Room for breakfast and lunch, or the Pinnacle Grill at lunch time.

    I enjoy cruising in the penthouse suite, and nowadays, I rarely go elsewhere than the Neptune Lounge at breakfast and lunch time. :)
  3. S and PS suites:

    Use of the Neptune Lounge - the concierges can change money for you, make Pinnacle reservations, hand in your shore excursions, you name it - they will do it for you. One time one of the passengers needed something from shore and the concierge went and got it for him.
    Personalized stationary.
    Separate check-in line at the pier.
    Priority tender - your ID card will be gold compared to the other passengers who have blue.
    Boutonniere and corsage to wear the first formal night.
    Big umbrella to use.
    Binoculars to use.
    Priority disembarkation.
    Suite cocktail party usually the first evening or a sea day - although I am not happy with sail7seas said on her last Volendam cruise - they didn't have one.
    Suite buffet on the last sea day - that's when we have always had them - again sail mentioned that theirs was early in the cruise.
    Free bottle of chapagne from the captain & hotel manager.
    Free laundry, free pressing, free dry cleaning.
  4. Either the Pinnacle, King's Room will be open for breakfast for suite passengers. On our last Ryndam cruises the breakfast specials were not offered there. Also on the Ryndam, the Pinnacle was open for lunch on sea days only to everyone - $10 per person.
  5. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    What's offered where depends on the ship nowadays. The Vista ships don't have a King's Room and usually offer the Pinnacle Grill for suite breakfast and/or lunch. The "S" and "R" ships do have the King's Room so that breakfast and/or lunch can be offered there. However, sometimes it doesn't happen and we're left wondering:S=huh
  6. purplenorway

    purplenorway Guest

    Sounds exciting! I can't wait to see what we will get to do!

    What can you tell me about the suite itself?
  7. As you walk into the your suite there is a closet. Then there are 3 more closets in the dressing room area. There are 9 good size drawers below the windows and three smaller ones beside the night stand beside the bed. There is a night stand on each side of the bed. One has 2 very small drawers and the other one is a very tiny cabinet with 2 shelves. As you walk by the closet entering the room there is cabinet that holds the refrigerator and shelves on both sides of it for storage. Above is a marble top where the ice bucket and fruit basket will be. A mirrow goes from the top of the marble top to the ceiling. Behind one section is a cubboard with different wine and champagne glasses, small bottles of liquor (not free). Over by those drawers there is a TV and under it more shelves. I don't know if you will have a DVD player or a VCR. Some of the upgrades did change these. There is a large sofa that can open up to a queen size table, coffee table, and 2 chairs. Plenty of storage under the bed for suitcases.

    You enter the dressing area from the bedroom section of the room. Besides the closets, there is a vanity with a sink and 3 small drawers for whatever, and a stool. There should be a new European hair dryer in one of those drawers.

    Bathroom - whirlpool tub with shower (no separate shower), sink - lots of area to place items.
  8. Verandah

    I love the size of the verandahs on the R and S class ships.

    There will be 2 lounge chairs, a small cocktail table, a nice size round table and 4 chairs - great for eating out there.
  9. purplenorway

    purplenorway Guest

    Wow I'm ready to sail in less than 2 weeks! But our documents still have not arrived. I don't remember them ever being so late.
  10. Did you book your own air or go with HAL?

    If you booked with HAL, they will wait until they get the best price for air as a rule.
  11. A few of us have been following a horror story on another web site where a couple who booked a full suite got to the ship last Saturday and found out that their cruise had been cancelled. They had booked through an on-line agency. They flew into Tampa on their own. It happens to be the Veendam. Check out Cruise Critics for the entire story - you may have to hunt for it.

    Also check HAL's web site and the immigration form area to make certain that your cabin is still assigned to you.

    You may also want to call HAL and find out where your documents are.
  12. purplenorway

    purplenorway Guest

    HAL says that they sent out our documents in January! Who knows where they went. They are making us new ones.
  13. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Did you use a TA?
    Did you check with them?
    Sometimes TA's (unfortunately) put them on their desk and they just 'sit on them'. Not all are efficient at processing them quickly to get them to their clients.

    Good Luck.
    Hope you have a great cruise.
  14. Do let us know that you have gotten your documents.
  15. purplenorway

    purplenorway Guest

    The travel agency claims not to have seen them. So we will just have to wait until HAL sends new ones. I guess it is OK if they don't arrive in time, they aren't neccessary to board and we booked our own air. We have already filled out the immigration forms online anyway. It is just fun to look through them before hand!
  16. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    I'm sorry to say but the Agency was very remiss in not tracking them down long before this, without your even having to ask.

    I hope all will be in good order and that you'll have a great cruise!
  17. purplenorway

    purplenorway Guest

    I agree, you would think they should have realized that it was odd the documents hadn't come yet.
  18. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Well, the important thing now is for you to have correct documents in hand...and to enjoy your upcoming cruise. I'm sure you'll love being pampered in your suite!
  19. I wonder if you will use the same agent / travel agency in the future??
  20. purplenorway

    purplenorway Guest

    Of course we will use the same agency, because my dad is a part-time agent there! He is just not there very often to see if his documents come. Oh well, as long as I get my suite! So excited. It is right across the hall from the Neptune Lounge, I will probably wear a path in the carpet going back and forth. Is all food/ cappiccino/ etc. free there?

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