Summit 10/18/02 Door Decoration contest



This is to announce a door decoration contest for those of us sailing the Summit on 10/18/02. Of the 35 + of us on the list so far to be aboard we think it might be a grand idea to decorate your doors and should get some good ones. We always do our door. We keep ours simple with just a 8 x 10 sheet of paper with our first names, home town, etc on it. Maybe put your favorite picture on, ship, pet,,,,,whatever. Get some of that putty adhesive stuff from Walmart (ours was found in the stationary area and is called 'Handi-Tak".) Easy on and off with no marks on the door. I always ask the Room Steward first.
If nothing else a door decoration helps you find your stateroom!.
Bring a copy to our meeting the first full day out and we can vote which is best.....
Don't have any idea for a prize, but maybe just do it for fun.
Won't be long now.....
PS: If you will be aboard and have not told, please email her with your name, home town, and number going and she will put you on the list.