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Summit cabin 8098

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Canuck, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. Canuck

    Canuck Guest

    Can anyone tell me if the view from this cabins balcony is obstructed by window washing equipment? Saw the picture of 8096 on the Constellation and now a bit worried. Thanks
  2. jsh

    jsh Guest

    We were on the Infinity in cabin 8098 in December and there was no obstruction. Great location.
  3. Marge

    Marge Guest


    We will be on Infinity Dec 8 (SanDiego to Ft. Lauderdale) and my Mom had a stroke
    and we have promised her that if she will try hard to use her hand and to walk that
    we would carry her on this Cruise and then spend Xmas in Key West....

    We have always been on Celebrity, but never on Infinity!!!!

    We saw that you have been on Infinity and wanted to ask your opinion, suggestions,
    comments, etc.!!!!!!!!!

    We were on Mercury in Alaska and we loved it....since it is sister to Infinity.......
    Suggestions, comments etc will be appreciated...

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