Summit Sky Suites



Hi - does anyone have actual photos of cabin, bathroom and balcony of Summit cabin 6132 - I know I saw some actual pics of this cabin, but cannot remember where! :)
We are deciding between the SS on the Summit and a Mini-Suite on the Dawn! Thx!!


We were in 6126 on the Summit last January. Have you looked at They have a 360 views of the cabin - actually of many cabins on many ships. If you cannot see all that you want, let me know and I will forward photos that we took to you.
The suite is delightful. The bathroom, with a bath tub and a window that allows you to see into the suite and a bit of the ocean, is much larger than regular balcony cabins. The walk in closed with shoe rack, etc is great. Our butler was fantastic! Full breakfasts can be served in your cabin, afternoon tea is brought to your cabin every afternoon, hor's douvers served before dinner, shoes shined, etc. It is grand!