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Summit to Hawaii 9-30-06

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Bryant Frazier, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. A friend and I are taking the Summit to Hawaii in Sept. This is our 14th cruise, but none on the vast open Pacific! How is it? We can't wait!
  2. lysolqn

    lysolqn Guest

    Cruised Infinity to Hawaii (R/T San Diego) in October and it was wonderful...a bit cool first two days out and last two back, but wonderful. It's a great mix of four sea days/five port days/four sea days.
  3. randy

    randy Guest

    Lucky Duck! Took the Infinity twice on that itinerary, last time in October (see review section). It's the most relaxing and enjoyable itinerary out there. This fall we are going to try the Radiance on the same itinerary. Weather is great--first day or so out and last in are a bit windy and cool, but beyond that--Paradise! Have a great cruise.
  4. millerjl

    millerjl Guest

    My husband and I are also sailing on the Summit to Hawaii the end of September. I found out today through cruising Celebrity's website that our itinerary has changed. Were you aware that we are no longer stopping in Kauai? My travel agent told me this is because of the recent floods. We are bummed! We sailed on the repositioning cruise of the Connie last November from New Jersey to San Juan and had a WONDERFUL time! We are truly looking forward to sailing on the Summit!
  5. millerjl

    millerjl Guest

    I just informed by my TA that Celebrity is giving all of us on the 9/30 Summit sailing to Hawaii a $50/cabin on-board credit. It's not much but it's better than nothin' I guess for skipping a port!
  6. Hi there, we are also going on this itinerary and just heard from my TA today, $50 is very little! But can't wait to go!! This trip is costing us over $8000 so we are going back to Celebrity via the TA, I will see what they say!
  7. millerjl

    millerjl Guest

    Good luck with your TA! I know we all take chances with the itinerary when we book a cruise but there was an excursion in Kaui that we were REALLY looking forward to taking. I know it must be especially painful for you after spending so much money. Good luck to you!
  8. lynnwis

    lynnwis Guest

    WE are going to hawaii on Summitt in September, also. Can't wait, that is for sure. I have a concern. How choppy is the sea? How big are the waves? I sound like a landlubber, but I want to know. Any advice?
  9. Al Beach

    Al Beach Guest

    We have taken the Hawaii cruise roundtrip five times. The weather and seas
    have been different on each occasion, but its better to be prepared. Rough
    seas are not as bad, at least for me, than rolling ones they seem to bother
    me the most. Our trip last October to Hawaii was relatively calm just a few
    days that we considered uncomfortable.

    You'll enjoy the Summit a truly wonderful ship with lots of amenities and
    terrific food. Enjoy to outside elevators too....
  10. lynnwis

    lynnwis Guest

    Thank-you for the information. I know we will enjoy our trip. We have taken several cruises on Princess and decided to try Celebrity this time. I am looking forward to that terrific food!
  11. flyyer

    flyyer Guest

    How was your trip on Summit and how did you like the ship? I hope it was wonderful. We are booked for Dec 9th cruise on Summit. It's CC on Panarama deck 8 room 8158. It's our first cruise with a balcony so I hope it's as great as I hope. We have never sailed on the Summit before just Infinity so would appreciate any info about the ship and room 8158 deck 8 if anyone has had experience there. Thanks for any info. Keep on cruising.
  12. lynnwis

    lynnwis Guest

    The Summit is a wonderful ship with great staff. The glass elevators are amazing. We had one of our best trips ever to Hawaii(pre earthquake). If you can, I suggest you eat at the Normandie. It was wonderful. Have a great trip.
  13. flyyer

    flyyer Guest

    Thanks for sharing about your wonderful cruise on the Summit and recommending the Normandie. Hope you have a GREAT next cruise. I really enjoy the messages on this board, great people.
  14. We did this cruise on Summit in Jan 06. We agree with other posters who said that Summit is a wonderful ship and that dining in the Normandie Restaurant is a wonderful experience. We ate there three times on that cruise.

    We experienced very choppy seas out of LA. Dollie was caught off balance and took a fall. She suffered some uncomfortable bruising. Thereafter, we held on to the handrails in the hallways when we felt that choppiness.

    We hope that you get a good view of the volcanic action at Kilauea. The night that we sailed by we did not see the lava flow. The explanation given to us was that the lava was flowing through tubes that night rather than on the surface. We hope that you have better luck.
  15. flyyer

    flyyer Guest

    Thanks for sharing about your cruise. So sorry about Dollies fall and hope it healed quickly. Thanks for warning about choppy seas and to hold on to the hand rails. This is our second cruise to Hawaii, first was on Island Princess. That was a wonderful cruise and the sea was quite smooth. I was wondering about the Normandie Restaurant. Do we need to make reservations to dine there.
  16. irishtony

    irishtony Guest

    Is the penthouse suite all that its made out to be .I was considering booking it as a very very special once off treat. worth the money?.:help

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