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Summit to Hawaii in 2006

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by kathykip, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. kathykip

    kathykip Guest

    Hi All,

    We are looking into a family cruise on the Summit to Hawaii. This will either be the whole family, 18 of us, or part of us. From what I've read the Summit is really nice.

    How is the CC class? Is is worth the extra money?

    Anyone check out the children's facilites? If everyone goes we'll have a 7 kids in the range of 7 - 16.

    Is the conservatory as nice as the pictures? It looks so relaxing.

    Thanks for you help!
  2. Capt Data

    Capt Data Guest

    when are you going. I am on the 15 Jan 06 cruise.
  3. hct

    hct Guest

    We were on Summit n March to carib & are booked for Hawaii in March 06. It is an excellent ship. Although we are empty nesters, the kids facilities looked very nice & the kids did seem very much into their group activities, The Conservatory is not a very large space. It sits outside the "pay for" floral shop.wihc has expensive arrangements & some nice candles & fragrances. Also the site of free flower arranging & some pay for activities. There's a bench where you could relax but there are better places onboard for that. OUr friends did CC class & loved it but that's a personal/financial decision. We just want our balcony! Can't wait to cruise again on Summit. When are you planning to cruise?
  4. kathykip

    kathykip Guest

    Thanks for the info.

    We will be on the April 9 sailing. We got a balcony for our Panama cruise 2 years ago and got spoiled so now it's balcony all the time :)

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