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Sunday Open House

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by ShipMaven, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Good morning, @ddicts. Pucci and I are posting early in case the Board goes down again. We've chosen this location specially for today and hope you will enjoy it.


    It's casual, so come as you are. Pucci will be happy to greet his furbaby and feathered friends, and I'm always happy to see my @ddicts friends. We have plenty of refreshments and snacks to suit your fancy. It's earlier that usual so I'll start with a double cappuccino. What may I offer you?
  2. Charles

    Charles Guest

    That looks nice.

    [scritches for Pucci]

    Thank you. I'll have a cup of strong tea, and how about a mini-bagel, or cheese Danish?

  3. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Charles - Pucci just came to you for some scritches. ;) Here is your cup of strong tea (Earl Grey), and the teapot is under the cozy should you wish more. I've brought both a mini-bagel and some cheese Danish. Please enjoy!
  4. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

    A Mimsa for moi. Big Guy will be over to romp with the other furbabies. Big Guy will also have a bowl of water and some cat nip.
  5. Gonna skip today,Serena John and I are remembering Fred who was laid to rest yesterday,we miss our Freddly De Miester!
  6. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    TC - it's always nice to see you and Big Guy. Pucci had brought Big Guy his water and catnip (they've run off) , and here is your mimosa. Please enjoy!

    Korina - I can understand where you and John wish to be alone today, but perhaps you'll feel comfortable enough to return later and simply sit among friends. I replied to you on Safe Harbor yesterday about your beloved Fred.:(
  7. smoose

    smoose Guest

    Me and the girls had a great time yesterday. They both had a bath and are raring to go. I'll have a tea and pastry. Angie and Sweet Pea are just excited about the company of the other furbabies.
  8. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Smoose - we're glad you enjoyed yourselves yesterday. Pucci has brought Angie and Sweet Pea their bowls of water (and there are all sorts of treats if they wish). I see they've gone off together to play. And for you, a nice Earl Grey tea, with a teapot under the cozy if you want more. I've brought a selection of pastries - please help yourself. Enjoy!
  9. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    That Big Storm finally arrived at 1am this morning (yeah, I was awake...) so getting out into this environment looks wonderful. Hot cuppa tea for me please, and Kiefer will appreciate water and some romping time. Always up for those skritches!

    Korina, I will celebrate your 14 years of joy you shared with Fred. I know he was much loved during his lifetime.
  10. Tobyn

    Tobyn Guest

    Good morning Mary Ann. A latte sounds good this morning. Bread would love some more cofffee. Timber is playful this morning, he'll just look for some play and nap time. Rylee is out playing somewhere with mini-loaf #2. Here's a scritch for the visiting fur babies.
  11. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Glo - those clouds in your area certainly look ominous. Pucci has brought Kiefer his bowl of fresh water and is trying to explain to him that he'll have to settle for romping with the furbabies here today. Pucci is bribing him with a nice soup bone. :grin And I know there are plenty of scritches to go around! For you, here is your cup of hot tea, and your teapot is under a cozy near you for more cups. Please help yourself to finger sandwiches and pastries. Enjoy.
  12. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Hey there Mary Ann and fellow @ddicts..another good Sunday Morning...our usual decaf's please and thanks. Hope your week goes well.
    Looks like our Pac Nor/West weather is returning. It's still pretty warm 47 or so but that sun we have had all week is gone. Our Redmond mates advise it's wet down in Seattle so we likely will be too soon. So it's curling on TV and Jr. Hockey at 4 PM in town. Our team makes the National Sports Network look for us :)
  13. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Guest

    Hey everyone - this place looks wonderful - I am baybsitting mil - so she is tagging along with me today - hope you all don't mind - she does like to chat a bit! lol

    We will have a hot chocolate as it is snowing and 24 degrees here - - good to see all of you!
  14. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    BSea and Jude - it's always a pleasure to have you join us. Here are your decafs - and there is a large assortment of finger sandwiches and pastries, among other goodies, should you wish some. Please stay awhile and enjoy. Good luck to your hockey team. Looking forward to seeing you in May, if you haven't decided to go off somewhere on a delightful cruise.
  15. audrey

    audrey Guest

    GOOD Morning all
    Mary Ann I would love a cup of coffee it is nice but getting cool here
    blue boy is ready to visit with all his dog friends
  16. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Donna - we are delighted to have you and your MIL join us today. I think you'll find the climate a bit more hospitable than yours! Here are your hot chocolates - I've put a dollop of whipped cream on each. Please help yourselves to all the goodies if you're hungry. We welcome your MIL and hope both of you will enjoy the day with us.
  17. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Audrey - we're so happy you and Blue Boy could join us today. We haven't seen you for awhile. Pucci has brought Blue Boy his bowl of water and treats, and they've gone off to play with the other furbabies. Here is your cup of coffee - we have cream and various sweeteners if you like. Please help yourself to goodies if you're hungry. Enjoy!
  18. JacquieP

    JacquieP Guest

    I believe Mimosas would be just the thing for Leon and I, as it's time for lunch here. Hmmmm, I believe I read something about little pastries and finger sandwiches, so that would be great. Bandit and Cocoa brought a big bag of rawhide chews in all sizes to share with the other furbabies, and Joey is still working on his banana chip from yesterday. Nice place!
  19. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    :kisses Dear Paesana and Prince Pucci Pupper..
    saying hello from Dominica.. it's very muggy as a storm blew in before we landed, and it has stayed hot..we enjoyed a trek to the beach last week with MPH and Kari ;today is slow and people watching, so we shall be with you for a cappuccino and no snacks we just left lunch at the Horizon Court and had Strudel with vanilla sauce as a dessert!!

    Hello to all..catch up with you later !!.=hugs Joanne and Mark..
  20. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Hey, M&J, nice to see you check in. Very quiet here without the Duckies! Mary Ann, I suspect Kiefer will be very appreciative of that soup bone! He's been trying very hard to talk me into a treat after breakfast. He knows they come after dinner, but like any red blooded kid, he's always trying to find that loophole! LOL!

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