Sunday Open House


Forever Remembered
Pucci and I decided to present you with our Sunday venue upon your awakening. We invite you to spend the day with us here...

An inviting infinity pool, the beach and ocean beyond, comfy loungers...another serene location for a tranquil, kick-back sort of day. We hope you'll agree.

Pucci and I, as always, are your hosts for the day. Plenty of refreshments and snacks from which to choose, so won't you join us?

Since I'm heading off to bed now, I'll have my chamomile citrus tea. What may Pucci and I offer you?


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Another lovely location to spend the day!!! Would love a mimosa to start the day sitting out by the pool. I brought Hunter along & he is looking for Pucci to spend some time with him romping around. Jim came also & he will join me in having a mimosa also.


Captain Weather
Hi again,

Back from church. Pucci, is the water boiling for tea? I'll have a nice big cup while I sit out here and read the paper and chat with those come in early.

Pucci, I hear that Horhei might join us later.

Thanks Pucci.



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Man, oh man, oh man....I can just feel the tension easing out of my body while gazing at this beautiful scene. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Shipmaven and Pucci for this wonderful place to sit, unwind and visit with our many C@ friends. (((HUGS)))

I'm way down in front, on the left, close to the ocean and in the shade. I believe I'll have a triple shot cappuccino, with a Baileys on the side.

Thank you kindly! :sunny:

Donna - dsw

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Now that is my perfect place!

Bloody Mary's for everyone!

You out did yourself again lady and it is greatly appreciated!

Have a good one!

Cruise cutie

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:sunny:Good Morning..
Dear Paesana and Pucci Pupper ;another incredible venue!!
Mark and I will have a Double Cappuccino and just gaze...We are in awe of the surroundings..and plenty of time to chat with the gang..:)..thanks so much for the invite...hugs Joanne and Mark

connie seabee

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Both you and Pucci did a mignificent job in choosing the perfect venue for todays gathering. It's not only beautiful, but so very tranquil. I'll have a glass of Iced Tea with a slice of lemon.


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Wow. What else is there to say about this locale. but wow! Bread and I would love to enjoy a cuppa. Timber is on his best behavior and even brought a special snack for Pucci along with some of that Alaskan Thunderstruck catnip to share. He keeps searching for Maw and hopes she is feeling better soon.


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Awwww...a lovely serene place. Surely Erik won't dare do much splashing around in this place! I'll use one of those floating deck chairs so I can sit and chat with anyone joining in the pool today and a mimosa would suit me just fine! Thanks!


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What A great looking place to spend the day raining cats and dogs here I know that Blue will come out and play here I will start out with a cup of green tea


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Mary Ann, you found a perfect spot for us all again today. This is exactly to my liking. The ocean, a bar and a pool. Unlimited cocktails and food......I never want to leave.

Zsa Zsa is off looking for scritches from addicts and playing with the other furbabies. I will start off by the pool to wake up then I'll float along the ocean in a lounger. Love a gentle bounce on the waves. I'll start the day with some pineapple juice and Malibu rum please.


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This looks stunning, Mary Ann!
I've just finished a one hour walk out in the sunshine so now it will be perfect with a Silja Special, please.

Molle is joining me as usual, and is eager to meet Pucci and the other furbabies.

Hmmm, the pool or the ocean? Decisions decisions!
I think I'll head for the pool for a while for some (gentle) swimming, trying not to splash too much... oops, not too close to seamom... :biggrin:



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What a great spot to relax after a hectic weekend with family. A nice cold lemonaide sounds good about now. Georgie and Louie are sure happy to see their friend Pucci and the rest of the furkids after a couple week absence.


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A beautiful spot Mary Ann, and a Bloody Mary sounds perfect. After rain and big storms the last 3 days, feeling the sun on my face seems like a luxury. I'm going to lay in the sun all day with out any sunscreen because e-sun doesn't count! Kiefer is saying hi and getting his scritches before romping around with his fur buddies.

J.E. M.

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Thanks for the beautiful scenery and great company. Jim is already walking on the beach. I am waiting for my cream cheese pound cake to come out of the oven to share with everyone. See you all soon. Two tall ice teas for us please.


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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. A "paddle-up" bar. That'll wurk! I'll have my regular Mudslide, please.

SunFlower is resting up after all the birthday wishes. My Padawan and I are taking her out to a fancy dinner tonight. Kahaula 'n' Creme for my lady, please.

Cody's sniffing around the pool. Has been makling noises about wanting to lurn to swim so he "can play with the ducks". Don't think he's quite grasped that "The Ducks" are really people ... I believe he's also developed a taste for beef bullion lately.