Sunday Open House


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Good morning AZ time, friends. Had to get a bit of work out of the way, so am sipping my high-octane double cappuccino. Pucci and I are delighted you're enjoying this venue.

Charles - always a delight to see you. I hope you enjoyed your early Earl Grey tea and now that you're back from church, can sit back, read the paper (between furbaby scritches) and enjoy more leisurely cups of Earl Grey. Pucci's tail began wagging with the mention of Cousin Horhei possibly stopping by.

Yonnie - here's your ice water. Relax and enjoy - and please let Pucci or me know if/when you're ready for Grey Goose.

Linda & Jim - Pucci ran to greet Hunter, escort him to Charles and give him his bowl of water and treats. They're now romping on the beach. Here are Mimosas for the two of you. Relax and enjoy - plenty more available if/when you might want a refill.

Corky - gee...I guess you like this place, eh? Good. Enjoy your triple shot cappuccino with Bailey's on the side. Will Den be joining us?

Jeanie - thanks for joining us. Just let me know if you'd care for a refreshment.

Donna - so happy you like today's choice of spots. Bringing out the Bloody Mary's - I keep the Tabasco on the side so they can be spiced to taste (I'm one of those wimps who doesn't like it spicy. :whistle: ) Relax and enjoy.

My dear Paeasana and Mark - it's GREAT to see you relax. Sit back - Pucci's bringing you double cappuccinos to start off with. And I'm about ready for a refill on mine.

Connie - it's always a pleasure to have you join us. We've brought you a tall glass of iced tea with a slice of lemon. Please let us know when you're ready for a refill. Enjoy!

Tobyn - Pucci ran to greet Timber...and yes, we've noted that Timber has really mellowed out nicely. Pucci brought him to Charles for some scritches, gave him his bowl of water, and thanks Timber for his own special snack and for that Alaskan Thunderstruck catnip. We hope some of our kitty regulars will join us today. And here are cuppas for you and Bread. Sit back, relax and enjoy. How are the "kids" and Rylee?

Seamom - the day is young. We'll see how frisky Erik is today (but I can mellow him out with his special Sunday drink! :biggrin: ) Take your floating deck chair while Pucci and I get you your Mimosa. Enjoy!

Audrey - please tell Blue that all his Open House buddies are waiting for him in sunshine! Here is your cup of green tea (more under the cozy). Please enjoy.

Marie - I'm so happy you like our locale today. Pucci ran to greet ZsaZsa, escort her to Charles and then gave her a bowl of fresh water and treats. They're off playing on the beach. Go choose your floating lounger while I get you your pineapple juice and Malibu rum. Enjoy.

Erik - Pucci is delighted to see Molle - usual routine, brought him to Charles for scritches, then gave him his bowl of water and treats. Molle, too, is on the beach romping with the other furbabies. Well, there are two ladies on floating loungers keeping a close eye out for you today :whistle:, so I shall let you decide if you prefer to swim, float or sit today. But while you make up your mind, Pucci and I have brought you your two Silja Specials. Enjoy. Am I correct in observing that the facial hair has disappeared?

Denise - Pucci is so happy to see Georgie and Louie. It has been a long time. He escorted them to Charles, gave them their bowls of water and treats...and they, too, have joined the other furbabies on the beach. Here is your lemonade - please enjoy.

msbuster - welcome to our weekend Open House. So glad you could join us. Enjoy your swim, and we'll have a Mimosa ready for you afterwards.

Glo - Pucci ran to Cousin Kieffer. Hmmm...I see Kieffer is mooching scritches from everyone, not only Charles! Pucci has his bowl of water and treats ready before they join the furbabies on the beach. Good point about no safety issues with our e-sun. Enjoy getting that tan! Here's your Bloody Mary, and I'll let you add Tabasco to taste.

Claire - it's a delight to see you here. We missed Jim at the "late bar" last night! Cream cheese pound cake? OH, YUM!!!!! And thank you in advance. Two tall iced teas coming right up. Relax and enjoy!


Forever Remembered
Calgon and SunFlower - welcome. Pucci greeted Sir Cody and escorted him to Charles. Beef bouillon, eh? Well...Pucci gave him some, but will keep a water bowl nearby, too, as well as some treats. Here's a Kahlua and cream for our day-after Birthday Lady and a Mudslide for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


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What a great spot. Just the thing to get me ready for my cruise in 2 weeks and here I can bring the dogs which is a real plus since I miss them when I gone. Jessie, Cherie, Lucy and Sam all say Hi. I'll take a tall Bloody Mary to start please. Thanks


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We are now ready for round two. We will enjoy a flute of mimosas, while KT has cocoa, and Gavin a white chocolate almond mocha. Rylee wants to avoid the water, but would like to play with other pups.

And to answer your question Mary Ann . . . .they are fine, but had slept in. We are all up watching hockey now.

By the way, how is your knee?


Captain Weather
Hi again,

I "borrowed" Horhei again, b/c Horhei couldn't log in from home. Something about "image verification" which he AND I don't understand since there is no box there to type anything. :shrug::bang:

I'm gonna fix a large pitcher of rum punch. Would anyone want some?

And, Horhei has brought some balls and squeeze toys.



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Susan - Pucci ran to greet Jessie, Cherie, Lucy and Sam (welcome!!), escort them to Charles and give them their bowls of water and treats. He's introducing them to the other furbabies now. We must get you ready for your upcoming cruise - here's your tall Bloody Mary with Tabasco on the side for you to spice up to taste. Enjoy.

Tobyn - delighted to learn that everyone is well. Pucci is so happy to see Rylee, it's been awhile. She has been escorted to Charles and given her bowl of water and treats. Rylee may certainly avoid the water and still play with the other furbabies - Pucci will explain to them. Here are Mimosas for you and Bread, hot cocoa for KT and a white chocolate almond mocha for Gavin. Enjoy watching the hockey game - the big screen is on your right. Thanks for asking about my knee - the open wound is fully closed. The knee certainly is showing battle scars, but thank God, I avoided infection or blood poisoning. Now, I'm simply trying to recuperate from the heavy blood loss when I hemorrhaged (due to Coumadin) on February 28th. This, too, will take awhile. :madd:

Charles - Pucci thanks you for borrowing Cousin Horhei. Pucci gave him his bowl of water and offered him some of Timber's Alaskan Thunderstruck catnip (yoweeeeeee). It's very nice of you to make up a large pitcher of Rum Punches. Enjoy, Charles...and please help yourselves anyone who would like some Rum Punch!


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Bird Baby wants to know where all the other birds might be - pets or otherwise, but he's happily resting on Mary Ann's shoulder. He actually let Charles scratch his head, after Timber left of course. The boys have been looking for Maw also but are quite happy to get scritches from Charles and anyone else who is willing. Leon wants to try a hot chocolate with Bailey's and I understand the Mojitos are good here so I believe I would like one. What a beautiful spot! Erik, you seem to be very calm today and not doing much splashing. have the side effects of the giant moon gone away?


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Thank you Mary Ann!
I think I'll go for a swim in the pool after sipping the two Silja Special's. Yes I know, no splashing on the ladies! :nix: Hope I can resist... :biggrin:

I forgot to tell you that I brought some treats for the furbabies and a cake for the humans as Molle is celebrating his 4:th birthday today.

Am I correct in observing that the facial hair has disappeared?
Yep, gone! It was very itchy... :whistle:



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Great looking spot today as always Mary Ann. Much nicer than cloudy and dreary Vegas.

I'll have an iced tea for now since it's lunch time and Susan, Ginny and I will drop in later.


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Jacquie - indeed, Bird Baby (name noted) is perched on my shoulder, safe from any inquisitive kitties, and enjoying some sunflower seeds as well as pat-pats on his head and scritches behind his ears. He's always such a good boy with me. Pucci ran to catch up with Bandit and Cocoa as they raced to Charles, and they're now enjoying their bowls of water and treats before making the rounds of other friends for scritches and then joining the furbabies. Here's a hot chocolate with Bailey's for Leon and a tall, refreshing Mojito for you. I think I'll grab a Chocolate Banana for myself.


Pucci brought out a birthday cake for him and the furbabies, and they can have some cake along with the treats you kindly brought. The cake for us humans looks delicious. Takk! I just happen to have two more Silja Specials for you after you've taken your swim. Enjoy!!!

Michael - always a pleasure to see you. Here's a tall iced tea, and I'll look forward to your return later on with Susan and Ginny.

Yonnie - two Grey Goose on the rocks coming right up for you and Joe. Please enjoy!

Virginia - thanks for joining us. Pucci ran to Pepper, escorted him to Charles, gave him his bowl of water and treats...and they've now joined the other furbabies. May I offer you something to drink?​


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Time for a drink . AND, time for a cruise!

I just spent the last hour watching the cruise ships leave FLL.



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Wow....I'd love to try that cake, Erik. What is inside? We won't cut yours Mary Ann...much too cute! Happy birthday to Molle...Casey, our schnoodle was 7 on February 28th.

I love trying different nations' food but can't think of a Swedish food place in out entire city (I'll google and see) EXCEPT IKEA and I'm not sure how well they represent you :) Actually, even from IKEA, there is a cake or two I've tried that are quite good considering it being a large furniture store! I'll forgive you for splashing yesterday if you cut me a wee slice.

Mind if I share a chat on Swedes in Toronto, everyone? Here's what I found (abbreviated but very interesting from the site, Nordicway


5000 Swedes live in what Marshall McLuhan called The last great city not yet devastated by progress

Name one building in Toronto and the CN Tower (301 Front St., 416-360-8500) is sure to come to mind. It is the world's tallest free standing structure. It is also the city's only famous Swedish construction, having been built by The Foundation Company of Canada, which was at that time controlled by the Skanska (ex-Skånska) construction conglomerate.

The first famous Swede to visit Toronto was Jenny Lind who gave three successful concerts at Lawrence Hall in 1852. She was already all the rage in the United States where Swedes were known as "Lind-men" and where in 1850 according to the Boston Liberator "news-stores and saloons and hotels are christened Jenny Lind; steamboats, locomotives, stages, and all vehicles are 'Jennys' on the Exchange they sell 'Jenny'-see wheat; the spinning 'Jenny" is eclipsed by the singing 'Jenny' at least for this 'Jenny'-ration; people delight in tracing their 'Jenny'-alogy back into Sweden; all men seem to be studying verbs in the 'Jenny'-tive case; 'Jenny'rosity is a virtue no longer neglected; even our only Major 'Jenny'ral has surrendered to the queen; fond mothers call their babes, sportsmen their dogs and horses, farmers their cows and pigs 'Jenny'; in short 'Jenny' is the 'Jenny'ric term for all these things..."

Right in the center, the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library (879 Younge Street (YONGE, susan), 416-393-7013) is a little oasis for all those longing for Swedish reading material.

Gösta "Gus" Ekman (SwPr Feb 89) has been the top Volvo salesman in the Toronto area for a long time.

The Swedenborg church that never had any success in Sweden, is alive and well in Toronto where it has just celebrated its centennial.

SWEA Toronto started out as Solveig Westman-Ols son's "The Swedish Cultural Group". The group joined the mushrooming SWEA netw6rk of women's groups across the world in 1982. SWEA arranges many fun events often in connection with visits by Swedish authors and artists.

Monika Lindmark (above) manages The Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce that is a source of networking as well as an informative newsletter. (Call 925-8661 if you want to become a member). Next door The Swedish Trade Office (922-8152) and the Swedish Consulate (963-8768) manage the official Swedish presence in Toronto.

(AHA! Here is where one gets Swedish things!susan)
There were not a lot of stores with Swedish products in Toronto when a wave of Swedes arrived here in the 50s. The big difference now is IKEA (15 Provost Dr., 222-4532) with a second store in Burlington. A lot of the Swedish food products that you do not find at IKEA are available at Viking Fine Food & Catering (133 Laird Drive). You can also become a member of Scandia Food Club P.O.Box 50033, 660 Eglington Ave. E. Toronto, On, M4G 4G1).

THE SCANDINAVIAN CLUB The Scandinavian-Canadian Club of Toronto was founded in 1935 by Ake Johnson and Leo Christensen. Ake was a Swede, married to a Dane and Leo was a Norwegian, married to a Finn. have learned today. I have a favourite Swedish neighbour who goes home every year to her summer cottage too!

I must ask, Mary Ann....what do you mean facial hair? All I see is a ship funnel avatar??? Was it growing a beard? :)


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Mary Ann and Pucci, thanks so much for picking another beautiful spot to spend the day. You both are wonderful host/hostesses. I am bringing a nice tart lemon cake to share with everyone and the dogs brought treats to share with the furbabies. Mary Ann if you don't mind I would love to have some green tea. thanks.


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I snuck in earlier to rest on one of the loungers, and awoke to find a pot of hot tea with honey next to me. Thank you, Pucci! I hope everyone is well today.


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We are back after a great spring day. Would love to relax & have a mudslide. Jim would like a corona with lime. Thanks Mary Ann & Pucci for such a great venue to spend the day!!!


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Thank you Mary Ann!
I’m now done swimming (with no splashing :whistle:) and ready for the two Silja Special’s.
As usual it will make me sleep like a baby, but that is good as I have to be prepared for the new week at the office.

Molle and the other furbabies would love that cake, but I think it’s too cute to eat!

Wow....I'd love to try that cake, Erik. What is inside?
Seamom, the “Princess cake†is actually a fairly basic cake, and my absolute favorite.
The cake has a soft â€bottom†(egg, granulated sugar, two types of flour and baking powder).
It also contains custard (not mustard… :biggrin:), raspberry jam, whipped cream and marzipan on top.

Of course I will offer you some cake, seamom (as well as to all other around here)!

Interesting facts about Swedish in Toronto!

I think there are some typical Swedish dishes on IKEA, but the meatballs are not the true Swedish ones even if we can get the same type here too in the shops. The only true meatballs are made by your mother, hence they are called “mothers meatballsâ€. There are as many recipes as there are mothers… :biggrin:

I know one Swedish thing that I think made some type of imprint in the American history.
John Ericson was one of the inventors of the propeller. He used it on his boat Monitor, which participated in the American civil war.
John was born in a small place (with only 70 inhabitants today) close to the town where I was born and raised.



Forever Remembered
Charles - did you want something from your pitcher of Rum Punches or your usual CC and soda? Glad you enjoyed the FLL ship exodus parade.

Susan - your information on Swedes in Toronto is most interesting. The doggie cake is for Molle's birthday, and for him to do with as he pleases. Pucci must be the "senior" in the furbaby group as he turned 12 (bless him) on February 13th. As for facial hair, the Super Moon had started to turn Erik into a werewolf...but evidently, he had some magical power to reverse that trend. Perhaps when he began howling at the moon?

JK - thank you so much for joining us and for bringing the tart lemon cake. Fortunately, all these goodies are calorie-free here! Pucci ran to your furbabies, brought them to Charles and offered them bowls of water. He thanks them for bringing treats that he's now sharing with the other furbabies. For you, hot green tea...and there's more under the cozy. Please enjoy!

Lisa - it's always a pleasure to have you join us. Indeed, you did sneak in but I'm glad you enjoyed your nap. Yes, Pucci placed a pot of Earl Grey on the table next to you while you slept. The tea should still be hot...the honey is from orange blossoms.


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Linda and Jim - I'm glad you had such a nice spring day. Here is your Mudslide, Linda, and a Corona with lime for Jim. Sit back and enjoy. It's always nice to know that our friends like the venues we've chosen for our weekend Open Houses.

Erik - since you did behave yourself, here are your two Silja Specials to help you sleep and prepare for the new work week. The content of your post is most interesting, and I particularly enjoyed your assessment of Swedish meatballs. My late Mother had a simple recipe for preparing chicken that I loved, but nobody else has ever been able to duplicate. Ironically, it was the last dinner she ever prepared before dying suddenly the next day. :bawl: I am not much of a dessert eater, but I must admit your "Princess" cake is VERY tempting! And your knowledge of American history (John Ericson-propeller/Monitor) is probably more than most of us would know! :doubleup: