Sunday Open House


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Bseabob - for some reason you posted them on Christoffer's Good Morning thread yesterday. I remember because you mentioned Curling and I love to watch that sport. I'm watching the Masters right now...and the young McIlroy...he is having a bit of an Off morning.
Glad somebody was paying attention lol too many places to be ! and I wanted to be near that pool yterday.
Golf..jeez its too cold too golf. :)


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Pucci and I think there's a conspiracy - I posted one note on the Ducky forum earlier on.....and could no longer log in. So please forgive Pucci and me for being no-shows until now. :madd:

Has every human and every furbaby received their beverage of choice? I certainly hope so, looking at the time heading East and across the Pond from here...teas, coffees, ice water, Rum Punch, Silja Special x 2, Mimosas, catnip, doggie treats? And, Gramma Ann, welcome! I hope you have your iced diet ginger ale.

Hopefully, C@ won't have any more "maintenance" issues so that Pucci and I can be proper hosts from here on out.

Please continue enjoying yourselves. Would anyone care to share Seamom's eggs with Thai shrimp for brunch (late brunch!!)?


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Welcome, Shipmaven and Pucci!!! I'm sorry you were having trouble logging on to the site. I hate when that happens! But, all is well now because you are here. (((HUGS)))


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We have all stopped in. Bread, Gavin, KT and I would all enjoy a Diet Pepsi. Rylee and Timber have each brought toys to play with and are looking for a lap to occupy. Certainly a restful looking spot today Mary Ann.


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Woof, woof, meow, meow, chirp chirp my friends. If anyone needs anything, please let me know. I'm helping my Mama. I hope you're enjoying yourselves. Horhei, you can help me carry coffees/teas/drinks if you will, please, while your Grandpa is at the theatre. Thank you.


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Tobyn - it's nice to see the family together. Pucci ran to greet Timber and Rylee...and brought them to me first for scritches since our designated Scritchers aren't here for now. Pucci gave them their bowls of water and treats, and is enjoying watching them play with their respective toys. Here are Diet Pepsis for you, Bread, KT and Gavin. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Corky - here's a tall glass of iced tea. Please enjoy!


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Looks like a lovely place to relax with some sweet tea....and the boys are off to meet up with the furbabies and Pucci.


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Another round of cabinet cleaning and purging. It's so warm and humid here I had to break down and turn the A/C on. I am taking a break. I think a Limon and Diet 7-Up with a twist of Lime would be very refreshing.
Then on to that spice cabinet.


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Finally it's time to stop swimming.
What do I see on one of the tables? Two Silja Specials! Great! Thank you Mary Ann, just what I need after the long swim.


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:whistle:well, better to be late than not at all.............
home form my weekend working, and just sitting, no drinks, and enjoying the lovely venue.:)
Thanks so much for the charming place Dear Paesana, hugs to you and Prince Pucci Pupper....:)..Joanne


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Another lovely spot Shipmaven. Cooper was very happy to see the beach.......he is already planning the big "dig". I will have a cup of tea please and join everyone over in the shade.



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I too am late as I have been away for a girl's weekend. It is a lovely spot to sit and relax after unpacking & getting some stuff done around the house. Would love a glass of wine and to just sit and watch the evening sky. I might even go for a walk along the beach as it looks so beautiful.. Thanks Mary Ann & Pucci for hosting.