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Sunday Open House


Forever Remembered
Sorry it has been a busy day here. I should have taken my own advice and relaxed on the beach. But it's always nice to check out, and print, cruise documents...especially for a Duck Crew cruise! But Pucci assured me he's been attentive to everyone, with Horhei's help.

Denise - Pucci reported that Georgie and Louie have been having fun with the furbabies after receiving their bowls of water and treats...and scritches. Here is a tall glass of sweet tea - please enjoy!

Marie - you are a busy, busy lady, but I know your reno's are beautiful! Here is your Limon and Diet 7-Up with a twist of Lime - indeed it does sound refreshing. Sit back and relax awhile.

Charles - hope you enjoyed the theatre. What did you see? Your additional pitchers of Rum Punch are much appreciated. I've asked Pucci to bring me a glass.

Erik - that was a delightfully long swim. Obviously, you enjoyed it! Yes, there are two Silja Specials waiting for you - and in case everything goes down one leg again, there are more waiting for you! Please enjoy. Molle is having fun romping with the other furbabies.

Dear Paesana - thank you for taking time to stop by. Are you sure I can't offer you and Mark something soothing to drink? Take care!

Radiance - Pucci sees Cooper hard at work digging in the sand. Do you think he might reach through to China? :whistle: Pucci will have his bowl of water and treats ready when he tires of digging. How about a cup of Orange Dulce like you had yesterday? Please enjoy!

Linda - I hope you enjoyed your girls' weekend! How about a refreshing Sangria - that should go well with either sitting and relaxing or walking along the beach. Enjoy!

Yonnie - nite-nite. Have a good week.


Well-Known Member
Beautiful place! It's hard to beat Bora Bora though. Bandit and Cocoa are thrilled to see some new furry kids today and Joey is happy to see Janice's birds, but he still won't give up his place of honor on Mary Ann's shoulder. In other words, he knows where she keeps the bird goodies! Leon would like a tall glass of Charles' punch as he has been outside planting all afternoon. I believe I'm a broken record as I would like another Chocolate Banana this evening. May I bring you one, Mary Ann? Does Holland America make them?????


Forever Remembered
Jacquie - yes, a little friend in perched on my shoulder. Pucci escorted Bandit and Cocoa to Charles, and has now given them their bowls of water and treats. It didn't take them long to run off for a romp on the beach! Joey (name noted) is on my shoulder begging for some fat corn chips - of course, I just happen to have some for him. He whispered that he enjoys the pat-pats on his head and scritches behind his ears. I've brought Leon his tall glass of Rum Punch...and two glasses of Chocolate Bananas, one for each of us. I used to have the recipe for this drink, but it disappeared with one of my computer crashes. :(


Forever Remembered
We thank you for joining us today. This lovely spot is on the Caribbean island of Nevis. We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

As usual, the bar remains open should there be any latecomers.

We wish everyone a safe and pleasant week - look forward to seeing you next weekend!


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I thank all my furry and feathered friends (humans as well !!) for joining us today. Wishing you a woofy week - see ya next Saturday. Tail wags...


Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor
:yawn: Good morning!
It's not often I wake up in Nevis (has never happened before). :biggrin:

I can see it's almost empty here, only Jim with some beers and Molle looking at him if he should drop some of those snacks. :whistle:

I'd better go to the office. I don't want to be late.
Thank you for today (oh... yesterday...)!